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Lisa DarcyThe Pact

Samantha and Annie Callahan are successful doubles champions–the toast of the Olympics, Wimbledon and Flushing Meadow. But their partnership spirals out of control when Annie’s new boyfriend announces their engagement at the Australian Open. Amidst rising anger and betrayal, Samantha does the unthinkable after a devastating Wimbledon loss. The sisters must confront the past to take control of the present. But can Samantha and Annie both win?

“This pacy and funny novel is plot driven… and genuinely witty.” – Sunday Age

‘Darcy does what she does best…intermingles romance and personal crisis.” West Australian

Liam MurphyThe Roadmap of Loss

It’s 1997 in Melbourne, Australia, and Mark Ward is struggling to make sense of the world following the sudden death of his mother. His father, Dylan, had abandoned him and his mother when Mark was still a child, and Mark has always believed he died in a car accident shortly afterwards.

Clearing out his mother’s house, a bereft, rapidly deteriorating Mark is shocked to discover a collection of letters written to her by Dylan – some of which postdate his supposed death. Discussing life and love, fears and dreams, set against the backdrop of his bohemian travels across the United States, Dylan’s letters become beacons for Mark, so he decides to retrace the journey taken by his estranged father twenty years earlier.

Raw and uncompromising, The Roadmap of Loss explores human fallibility and vulnerability, the courage of letting go of the past, and the power of forgiveness.

‘The Roadmap of Loss is a surprising read, filled with tender authenticity, startling dialogue and real heart. Fans of Trent Dalton’s Boy Swallows Universe will enjoy the gritty essence of Liam Murphy’s characters.’ – Michelle Atkins, Books+Publishing

Anna Sarelas – Lightworkers

LightWorkers live among us, tasked with keeping Earth from falling into darkness.
Alex is a Genie, but ever since granting his first wish, being a LightWorker has been a struggle. Jason is a Hero who loves flexing his muscles to all the non-LightWorker kids at school. Serena is not your average Siren, she’s a hacker with a mission. When Alex’s parents leave to visit the Home Star off-world, a world-ending vision plagues his mind: the portals are closing! But why now? Who would want to cripple their connection off-world? And why won’t the Council listen to them? Friendships are tested and doubts soar as Alex, Jason and Serena try to stop the portals closing, and somehow keep attending school.

Timo Bozsolik-Torres – The Scaevola Conspiracy

The Scaevola Conspiracy is a pulse-pounding tech thriller that delves deep into the underbelly of Silicon Valley, combining gripping suspense with cutting-edge technology. Luke’s electrifying adventure will leave you breathless, reminding us that sometimes the greatest heroes are those who dare to challenge the boundaries between the virtual and the real.

Shadley Fataar – Fury and Revenge in Cape Town

Discover how terrifying it was for a township doctor and his friends to live and work in a city in the throes of the post-Soweto violence of 1976, truly a winter of discontent in the Mother City. Join them as they experience the trauma of police brutality on the Cape Flats, long regarded as apartheid’s dumping ground. It was petrifying, yet life went on, including local township rugby on a makeshift rugby field while a seemingly random series of brutal criminal attacks breaks out in Elsies River township.

Sarah Bourne – When Lives Collide

A hit-and-run puts two women on a collision course with fate, in this mind-blowing psychological thriller from the author of Exile.

It only takes one second to change a life. Loretta Davidson learns this the hard way when, on a rainy afternoon, her car crashes into another vehicle at an intersection. Loretta survives with only a few stitches. Her four-year-old son is not so lucky. Emma Elliot’s four-wheel drive glanced off the car she hit, and she left the scene of the accident convinced no one was hurt. The twists and turns life throws at the two women have a way of balancing things out, sending them straight into one another’s paths one more time.

Steve Sohmer – Favourite Son

It begins with an assassination. A Nicaraguan freedom fighter is gunned down on live TV while being welcomed to the United States by Sen. Terry Fallon. Though shot and wounded, Fallon, an up-and-coming political star from Texas, survives, and milks the spotlight with help from his ambitious and fiercely loyal press aide Sally Crain.

As the nominating convention looms on the horizon, incumbent president, Samuel Baker, faces an uphill battle in his fight for a second term. His campaign needs an injection of new blood―and who better than Fallon, the newly crowned hero? But Baker’s existing vice president isn’t going down without a fight . . .

Steve Sohmer – Patriots

As dawn breaks on Veterans Day, the American president grapples with the responses—both good and bad—to the announcement of his post–Cold War disarmament initiative, a plan based on nuclear deterrence and reduced troop strength. In Patriots, Steve Sohmer puts you into the cockpit of a rogue warplane, around the table in the tense White House Situation Room, and into the minds of men and women willing to sacrifice it all for love and loyalty.

Sarah Hawthorn – The Dilemma

A daughter returns to the island of Guernsey to solve a mystery and track down the truth about her mother’s double life, in this historical page-turner.

This absorbing novel follows the parallel paths of two generations of women, and as each is faced with painful decisions and shocking discoveries, a question emerges: Can a lie be forgiven when the truth seems too much to bear?

Lisa Darcy – Should You Keep A Secret?

During a night out at the pub, Stella and Carly accept an invitation to a local party, but the scene they find there is not what they expected. It’s a swingers’ event and their friend Jesse’s husband is there among the swingers.

Now the two women aren’t sure what to do. Stella, is inclined to keep quiet. The last thing she needs is more stress. Carly, on the other hand, thinks telling the truth is the right thing to do.

As the two deal with their own personal lives they find themselves blurting out the shocking news. And even as dark secrets about Jesse’s situation are revealed, Stella and Carly will make some discoveries of their own.

Sarah Bourne – Exile

Kirstie lives in exile on the small Shetland island of Yell after the end of yet another torrid affair. This time, she knows she went too far. Her desperate behavior caused the breakdown of her lover’s marriage. Taking up residence in her grandparents’ croft, which has lain empty since their deaths, wanting time to reflect on her life and disastrous relationships, Kirstie begins to write about her obsessive behavior.

What she hasn’t realized is that the island is full of relatives she never knew she had. Kirstie has spent her life feeling unloved, hurt, and angry. She wonders what part this plays in the obsessive way she is drawn into relationships.

Sarah Bourne – InVisible

Take a look! A woman is detained by authorities after a terrorist attack, sending her on a twisting path from London to Afghanistan in this emotionally powerful saga.
When Laila and her lover, Faisal, are detained after the 2005 terrorist attack in London, it sets in motion a chain of events that will alter Laila’s life forever.

Michel Vimal du Monteil – Where There Is A Will

GRIPPING AUSTRALIAN FICTION. A massive cyclone swell on Sydney’s beaches claims a big wave surfer, leaving his long-term partner without a body to mourn. His four adult godchildren from far and wide gather for the reading of his will while down the coast a man is pulled from the water with a head injury and amnesia. He sets out on an odyssey along the east coast in search of his identity…..Will he like what he finds?

Lisa Darcy – My Big Greek Holiday

Take a look! On an all-expenses-paid holiday, Claudia Taylor jets off to glorious Santorini with her two best friends, Tara and Sophie. But when her simple task of handing over a flash drive becomes complicated, and the handsome Jack tries to romance her, Claudia’s holiday becomes less relaxing than she’d hoped. ‘My Big Greek Holiday’ is a funny, thoughtful novel about friendship, romance, laughter and shopping – with some drunken karaoke thrown in.

Sarah Hawthorn – A Voice In The Night

Take a look! In a novel filled with compelling characters, and set in London, New York and Sydney, it seems that anyone could be out to sabotage Lucie’s memories and ambitions, including herself. A Voice in the Night is an addictive thriller of twists and turns, a gripping and emotionally resonant debut from a striking new voice.

Susannah Hardy – Loving Lizzie March

Life is not going to plan for failed fashion designer Lizzie March, and then she finds herself pregnant to super-hot bad boy Jake Wheeler. Convinced that he’s The One, now all she has to do is convince him that she is The One for him! But is it possible she’s been looking for love in all the wrong places? maybe everything she has ever wanted is right under her very own stilettos.

Sarah Bourne – Ella’s War

Take a look! Ella’s War is a captivating historical drama that will appeal to fans of authors like Lucinda Riley and Victoria Hislop. Ella wakes up in hospital with no memory. Slowly she pieces her life back together, but there is something in her past she is afraid to face.

Lisa Darcy – Lily’s Little Flower Shop

Take a look! When Lily misses out on a well-deserved promotion the day her boyfriend is offered a job overseas, she faces a choice: should she embrace an expat life, or follow her childhood dream and become a florist? ‘Lilly’s Little Flower Shop’ is the perfect heart-warming read for fans of authors like Heidi Swain, Holly Martin and Jill Mansell.

Sarah Bourne – The Train

Take a look! When a woman steps in front of a commuter train to end her life, it sets in motion a chain of events that will also change the lives of its passengers forever. ‘The Train’ is an emotional look at how people react to a tragic event and asks the question, how do we recover from tragedy?

Miles Hunt – The Information Editor

‘The Information Editor’ is the first in a duology consisting of two contrasting visions of the future. This dystopian novel, set in a world of information control, rampant surveillance and unregulated capitalism will be followed shortly by a utopian vision called ‘The Story Teller’.

Steve Rogers – Death In A Matchbox

When fire devastates the Cleary’s Creek gold mine in outback Western Australia, the operation is abandoned, along with a hidden stash of gold illegally collected over the years by the mechanic Tom Bosich. Gold prices were low and the economics of keeping the mine running made no sense. Tom planned to collect the gold later anyway, but life moved on.

Jim Weiland – Octet, Michael’s Story In Eight Voices

One of the most beautiful books I have read’. Jim joined the ranks of Australia’s best authors of modern fiction, when published by Australian Scholarly Publishing on 1 July 2018.

Steve Rogers – An Artifact Of Interest

The body of a young female anthropologist is found on a remote Kimberley cattle station where she was investigating her theory that the area was settled by a previously, undiscovered indigenous tribe.

Was the death an accident, or murder by rival scientists, a jealous lover or members of the mysterious indigenous group?

Steve Rogers – Truck That

An Australian murder mystery set in the remote outback. “A Ripping yarn’, according to one ‘test’ reader. ‘Hilarious look at the characters of the outback’, said another.