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Diane Clarke - Bio

Diane migrated to Brisbane in 1996, with her husband and two sons. Though happily settled in Australia, much of her inspiration comes from the UK, weaving characters and locations into crime and women’s fiction. Her current manuscript, ‘The Bracelet’, will be followed by a work in progress ‘The Photograph’. Diane’s flash fiction and short stories, including her winning entry in the Sydney Hammond Memorial Short Story Competition (2019) ‘A Life Lesson‘.

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The Photograph by Diane Clarke is due for publication by Wings ePress on 1st May 2024.

Caryl Hunter believes she lost her brother during the wartime evacuation of 1939. Her adoptive mother denies his existence and Caryl was too young to remember with certainty.

When she finds a black and white photograph of her family standing on a London station, in the company of a mystery boy, her determination to find him reignites.

In 2020, Caryl’s daughter, Megan, takes up the search for her missing uncle. Confronted by her own secret, will she ignore it or will she remember Caryl’s lifelong torment and avoid the mistakes of the past?

“A gripping read that explores the lifelong impact of family secrets on a wartime evacuee. Emotive and thought-provoking, this is a perfect book club choice”. – Andrea Barton The Godfather of the Dance

“I gulped this book down in one sitting”. – Sarah Bourne – Exile