Historically, we’ve looked for well-written, original and thought-provoking adult works in English from authors anywhere in the world. Our particular interest has been in:

  • Fiction: literary upmarket and commercial, including historical, mystery, romance, dystopian, thriller, psychological thriller and crime
  • Nonfiction: memoir and history
  • Backlists in any of these genres.

Exclusions – academic or technical works, poetry, short stories, younger readers’ works, horror, new age, occult, religious/devotional/inspirational works, sci-fi, supernatural, strong violence or abusive sex, nonfiction except as listed above. Previously self-published works will only be considered along with one or more new works.

Joining NAC’s list:

A keen appreciation of our ethos, commitment to being the very best writers they can be, is key to all authors joining our list.

First consideration is given to writers recommended by authors already on NAC’s list, a member of our Panel of Reviewers or an editor whose opinion we may rely on. Rarely will we consider submissions outside these parameters.

Works go through a rigorous review process taking several months, involving significant work for most authors; 3-4 significant edits of the manuscript, or more, is typical.



Your Submission to NAC

Then What?

  • All submissions meeting these guidelines are acknowledged. Please resubmit if you have not heard from us in 7 days.
  • Personal visits are not accepted other than by invitation.
  • If NAC considers inviting you on our journey we will be in contact.
  • Typically the process from acceptance of a work into our system takes 3-4 months.
  • Progress reports are not provided, nor are reasons given.

Other Information

  • We do not ‘look at’ or ‘offer an opinion’ on work, nor do we charge for proofreading or editing services though we may point authors to others providing such services.
  • Typically two, rarely three or four authors may join our list annually.
  • Always save electronic versions of your work, as NAC is not responsible for lost work.
  • Significant in considering an author, is whether they genuinely subscribe to our ethos, the ‘collective’ spirit implied – a willingness to support our authors, as will they when your work is published.

Please read the whole of our website, especially this page and the FAQs, before contacting NAC.