NAC Literary is committed to our authors’ success, their stories and readers, through guidance backed by international commercial expertise.

To Date

Launched August 2015, NAC’s early focus was on new, unpublished authors.

The list quickly expanded to include established authors seeking to revitalise their careers and gain greater exposure in multiple markets.

NAC consistently gets results. Over half of the authors who have completed NAC’s review and editorial process have been signed. We are still new in that we take a collective approach, every author on our list supporting the others as a team.

Consistent with our CEO’s breadth of international experience, NAC has since signed in markets around the world including Australia, the US and the UK.

Since launch, NAC has represented nearly 30 authors in more than 50 books deals, several as multi-book contracts, several with international exposure.

The Future

2023 opened with two multi-book deals. In July 2023, two more were signed offshore, one a trilogy.

NAC’s primary focus will be adult fiction across genres, including romantic comedy, men’s and women’s commercial fiction, upmarket and literary fiction, a particular interest in historical fiction and psychological thrillers.

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