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Meet Lisa Darcy

‘Lily’s Little Flower Shop’, the first of Lisa’s two romantic comedies in 2021, will be followed by ‘My Big Greek Holiday’, both published by Bloodhound Books UK.

To mark Lisa’s successes, understand more of what drives her writing, Brightside Story Studio’s (& NAC Editorial Head’s) Andrea Barton recently interviewed Lisa – definitely worth a look – Lisa Darcy Interview.

A successful indie UK publisher, Bloodhound Books recently secured audio and large print rights deals for Lily’s Little Flower Shop, while also doing a brilliant job promoting Sarah Bourne’s runaway success, ‘The Train’.

Well done ladies!

So, You want to be an Author?!

“Writing a book is an adventure. To begin with it is a toy, then an amusement. Then it becomes a mistress, and then it becomes a master, and then it becomes a tyrant and, in the last stage, just as you are about to be reconciled to your servitude, you kill the monster and fling him to the public.”  Winston Churchill

Liam Murphy Joins NAC

A freelance journalist living in Sydney, now debut author, we welcome Liam to NAC’s list. Having completed an MFA in Creative Writing at the University of Technology Sydney, he lived, worked and travelled solo across the United States. His many experiences and (sometimes bizarre) encounters on the journey provide the semi-autobiographical backdrop to his first work, ‘That Is All’.

NAC Editorial Expands

Dr Bella Ellwood-Clayton, an experienced editor and award-winning author joins the talented NAC Editorial team November 1st 2020. Raised in Canada and Australia, Bella enhances the already considerable experience and skills NAC offers new, emerging and more established authors in Australia and offshore. With published nonfiction (Allen & Unwin), prize-winning fiction and short stories in numerous journals, poetry, and hundreds of articles in numerous magazines and sites, such as Huffington Post, The Age, and Sydney Morning Herald, Bella’s practical and academic qualifications and experience will benefit authors on their journey with NAC.

Sarah Bourne’s Next Deal

Recently signing Sarah Bourne into a multi-book, world rights deal, for ‘The Train’, followed by ‘Ella’s War’, Bloodhound Books UK have extended their partnership with Sarah in a deal for her ‘InVisible’. Scheduled for November 2021, following earlier releases in May and June 2021, three of Sarah’s works will be launched during 2021. Again, our congratulations to Sarah.

Bloodhound UK Signs Sarah Bourne

Returning to the published list, Bloodhound Books UK has snapped up world rights to Sarah Bourne’s clever new work, ‘The Train’. Watch this space for publication date.

PMA Signs Susannah Hardy

Pan Macmillan Australia has signed Susannah Hardy for the ANZ rights to her superb debut work, a quirky humorous romantic comedy entitled  ‘Love – It’s in the Bag!’. With its release set for 2021, Susannah is now focused on her next work of fiction. Well done Susannah! Watch this space!!

Offshore Exposure

Mindful our goal is to assist authors gain widest possible exposure of their work, it’s worth noting fine publishers in more than one country will see most NAC submissions. Yes, publishers located in Australia,  but other markets include Canada, England, Ireland, New Zealand, Scotland and/or the US for selected works. The location of the author is unimportant, in the sense their work will be offered in a range of countries, when the story and/or author’s heritage warrant.

Lisa Heidke Joins NAC

Lisa’s passion is for writing fiction, typically stories about women in their thirties and forties navigating friendships, careers, romance, ultimately triumphing over adversity. With six published novels to date, five with Allen & Unwin, Lisa joins New Authors Collective with her seventh work, a more strongly romance-focused, fish-out-of-water, coastal romance. A teacher of Creative Writing at the Australian Writers’ Centre in Sydney, Lisa also presents workshops, has been on panels at RWA conferences, GenreCon, Sydney Writers’ Festival, and many regional writers’ festivals.

Susannah Hardy Joins NAC

A warm welcome to Susannah as she joins our list, with her first, quirky work of fiction being finalised in close consultation with NAC Editorial. Susannah’s acting career has involved everything from film and television roles to being one of two singing Carmen Mirandas on roller blades, Tutti & Frutti (she was Frutti), and creating sketch comedy for Arena TV, Foxtel, as part of an all-girl trio, The Girls.

Sue Anderson – NAC Editorial

Some 15 months since joining Denise Harris in NAC Editorial, Sue Anderson’s remit expands to include a select group of children’s authors, and others on NAC’s Adult Fiction list.

This expanded role reflects Sue’s long-time personal interest in children’s development, and her career as educator.

Transit Lounge signs Sarah Hawthorn

This week, emerging author Sarah Hawthorn signed a two-book, world-rights deal with award-winning Melbourne publisher, Transit Lounge.

Her debut novel, a psychological thriller set in New York, London and Sydney, is slated for release early 2021.

“NAC is thrilled to have found the perfect home for Sarah’s novel. Our review panel showed enormous enthusiasm for this book and under Sue Anderson’s direction helped Sarah polish her final draft,” said Michael Cybulski, Director, New Authors Collective.

Transit Lounge will provide full editorial and publicity support, as well as having first option on Sarah’s next work.

More information on Transit Lounge:

Follow Sarah:

Michel Vimal du Monteil Joins NAC

Michel, a dual Australian/French citizen now living and writing at Emerald Beach NSW, recently joined NAC’s growing list of authors. His engrossing Australian thriller, with its an original plot based around the northern Sydney beaches, southern NSW and FNQ is completing NAC’s review process currently, and will soon be on its way to publishers. We have much pleasure welcoming Michel to NAC’s list.

Steve Sohmer Joins NAC

We have great pleasure in welcoming Steve Sohmer to NAC. Steve is a Shakespearean scholar, author of fiction and nonfiction books. He is a television writer and producer, and former network television and motion picture studio executive. See Author Page for more information.

Posting Reviews on Amazon & Kindle

Thirty reviews will lift a book’s ranking, inevitably contribute to greater exposure of the work, which leads to increased sales so, you posting a strong review of the book on Amazon or Kindle is the greatest favour you can offer an author. You don’t even need to actually buy the book though – if you borrowed it from a friend or the library, just use your Amazon or Kindle account, click on the book cover, select ‘Review’ and go from there. So, if you enjoyed one of our authors please complete the circle and post an awesome ***** review!!

NAC Support for Book Clubs

NAC specialises in developing authors’ commercial potential in a wide range of genres, helping fulfil each writer’s dream of being published, then increasing visibility of author and their work through the English-speaking world. One way we do this is by working with Book Clubs, providing material on upcoming NAC authors exciting new works, even by arranging access to the author. Ultimately our hope is you will support our authors by placing their works on your Reading Lists. If your Club or your friends’ Clubs would like occasional updates re NAC’s next exciting author’s published work please ask to be listed on NAC’s ‘Book Clubs’ circulation list  through the Contact Us’ page.