Working With Authors


‘Helping deserving authors fulfil their dream of being published’ (NAC’s mission).


Working with Authors –

Works Considered

We represent authors in Australia, England, Ireland, New Zealand & the USA, seek well-written, original and thought-provoking adult novels and nonfiction in English, extraordinary works for younger readers, from authors anywhere in the world.       


Our interest lies in:

  • Fiction: literary and commercial, including historical, political, mystery, romance, psychological & other thrillers, not necessarily only works set in Australia
  • Nonfiction:  memoir; biography and  autobiography
  • Picture book, Middle Grade and Young Adult.

Exclusions - 'Genres NAC closed for.' 

Joining NAC's list

First consideration is given to writers highly recommended by authors already on NAC’s list, or by a member of NAC’s Panel of Reviewers; or, if the writer’s work is spoken for by two members in good standing of their association or society of Editors, both confirming they edited and/or carefully assessed the work as 'finished to a high standard'.

We rarely consider submissions outside these parameters.

The Process

It is important authors subscribe to our vision, are committed to being the best writers they can be.

Works potentially suitable for our list go through a rigorous Review Process taking several months, invariably involving significant additional work for most authors, 3-4 significant revisions of the manuscript not being atypical.

Your Submission to NAC

  • The ‘Subject Line’ of the email should include your name, title and genre of the manuscript.
  • Include your contact details, including website or use of social media dedicated to your role as author.
  • Attach a 60-70 word Bio.
  • State clearly in your first communication if any aspect of ownership of the work’s IP is shared with another party.
  • Fiction – provide a one page Synopsis of the work and the first 50 pages of the manuscript.
  • Nonfiction – provide a cover letter, a book proposal and 2-3 sample chapters of the manuscript for initial assessment by NAC Editorial. To see what we look for in a book proposal, please refer to How to Write a Nonfiction Book Proposal.
  • Confirm the work is solely your own original material, has been professionally proof-read/edited.
  • Give details if your work has been self-published, and/or sent to publishers.
  • Send your submission to [email protected].
  • We only work with soft copy in Word format. Printed/hard copy documents will not be read.

Then What?

  • All submissions within these guidelines are acknowledged; please resubmit if you have not heard from us in 7 days.
  • Personal visits are not accepted other than by invitation.
  • If NAC is interested ‘in principle’ in inviting you on our journey we will be in contact.
  • From the date we accept an author's work into NAC's system the likely time for an assessment/response is 3-4 months.
  • Progress reports are not provided, nor are reasons given.

Other Useful information

  • We do not ‘look at’ nor ‘offer an opinion’ on work, nor do we offer ‘proof-reading’ or ‘editing’ services, though we may point authors to others providing them.
  • Currently only 7-8 authors may join our list annually, with a slight bias to non-fiction during 2020.
  • Always save electronic versions of your work, as NAC is not responsible for lost work.
  • NAC places particular significance on whether an author has carefully read and subscribes to the vision set out in this website, and the ‘collective’ spirit implied – a willingness to support other NAC authors, as will they when your own work is published.


Please read the whole of our website, especially this page and the FAQ’s, before contacting NAC about your work.