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'NAC's panels of professionals enable author access to a wide range expertise'.


NAC Helps Authors

Many factors influence a publisher’s decision on whether to offer for a particular work. Luck can play a large part, of course, but other factors within the author’s control may increase the likelihood of a work being published.

NAC may be able to point authors to resources such as:

  1. Editing/Proof-reading/Script-writing
  2. Artwork - sketch, illustration, graphic design
  3. Social media and e-marketing; public speaking and dealing with media (potentially invaluable to authors about to be published).

Support available to authors NAC represents includes:

  1. Definitions, Explanations and Guidance Notes (e.g. re bios, blurbs, manuscript formatting, document security, editing standards and editor selection, manuscript preparation and presentation, plot summaries, publisher submissions, synopses, vanity press, what publishers look for first, and other topics), guidance on whether to go offshore.
  2. Tactics, contract negotiation, disposal of international rights
  3. Script marketing (if the work seems to have film or TV potential)
  4. Social media and related marketing services
  5. Tips on Increasing e-Book Sales
  6. Planning your own marketing and promotions campaigns (to run in conjunction with your publisher’s).