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The Perfect Christmas Read

Brexit - unbelievable how poisonous the situation is in the UK, if you supported the Brexit argument, as did NAC author Sebastian Handley. A proud supporter of the exit movement, a leader of the grass roots revolution in the South of England, Sebastian’s Book is the inside story of one perceptive crusader’s involvement in Brexit. NAC suggests ‘Brexit - How the Nobodies Beat the Somebodies’ is the perfect Christmas read - see ‘Our Authors’ for more’.

Vale Rhona! 

Sadly, author Rhona Dunwoodie passed away unexpectedly recently. Her greatest wish in later years was to see published her 'It's All About Melinda', a sensitive account of a young woman with bi-polar. New Authors Collective greatly appreciates Olympia Publishers UK, her publisher, committing to production of the work, with likely publication late 2017 or early 2018. All on the journey with New Authors Collective join Michael, Denise, Dee and Sue in expressing their condolences to Rhona's family. (171005)

Working with NAC

Volunteers can help authors in several ways. (170824)

Short Story Prize Winner

We are delighted to announce Sarah Bourne recently won the Hunter Writer’s Centre prize for a short story entitled "The Sounds Of You", submitted to their Grieve Anthology. Karen Crofts, Writer, teacher of Creative Writing and Director of the centre, said, "Absolutely loved your piece. I will use it in future to demonstrate brilliant writing other than with the sense of ‘sight’. It was such a personal story but also so universal.” Congratulations Sarah. (170823)

More NAC Authors Published

Congratulations to Sebastian Handley (20/6), Anthony Carilla and Stuart Campbell (30/6), and Steve Rogers (31/7) whose books were published; and Dor Slinkard who joins them 31/8. Rhona Dunwoodie follows later in the year. Two others are under offer, and likely to sign by end September. Well done to all! (170814)

Posting Reviews on Amazon & Kindle

Thirty reviews will lift a book's ranking, inevitably contribute to greater exposure of the work, which leads to increased sales so, you posting a strong review of the book on Amazon or Kindle is the greatest favour you can offer an author. You don't even need to actually buy the book though - if you borrowed it from a friend or the library, just use your Amazon or Kindle account, click on the book cover, select 'Review' and go from there. So, if you enjoyed one of our authors please complete the circle and post an awesome ***** review!! (170705)

Authors Ambassadors Roles

As more of NAC's authors are published more opportunities are available to work closely with an exciting author, helping raise visibility of the author and their exciting new work soon after publishing. If you are interested in joining NAC's journey as a volunteer please go to (170525)

Incisive Review of 'The Arbutus'

Bill East's first work is off to a flying start, with sales posted in UK, USA and Australia. Why not take a look at this review of 'The Arbutus' - 'Maddie Trinco', the sequel, is with the editors currently, and should be with the publishers mid-year. (170424)

Sebastian Handley and Anne Deed Join NAC 

New Authors Collective has great pleasure welcoming Sebastian and Anne to NAC's Authors List, wishing both every success in their writing careers. Their first works, respectively, are an extraordinary topical political memoir, and a very moving personal memoir crossing Australian and Asian cultures; both are with publishers right now, and both have offers to consider. Their futures look bright. (170426)

NAC Authors Ambassadors

A recent initiative to promote our authors, NAC invites applications for the role of Authors Ambassador for the upcoming published works. Participation as ambassador may be for just one work, all works of an author, or across a range of authors - as you wish. The ambassador may be located anywhere, not necessarily the author’s country. In fact, location in another jurisdiction is highly desirable. N.B. Research suggests Review Panel members will enjoy completing the circle on works they assessed. A number of Coordinating Ambassadors' roles are available as well. To apply to become an ambassador, or for more information, please apply through the ‘Contact Us’ page. (170425)

NAC Support for Book Clubs

NAC specialises in developing authors’ commercial potential in a wide range of genres, helping fulfil each writer's dream of being published, then increasing visibility of author and their work through the English-speaking world. One way we do this is by working with Book Clubs, providing material on upcoming NAC authors exciting new works, even by arranging access to the author. Ultimately our hope is you will support our authors by placing their works on your Reading Lists. If your Club or your friends' Clubs would like occasional updates re NAC’s next exciting author’s published work please ask to be listed on NAC's 'Book Clubs' circulation list  through the Contact Uspage. (170424)

Friends of NAC

The number of people now on NAC's journey grows steadily, with more than 120 people in 5 countries emotionally engaged in this collective enterprise. Many are interested in NAC's progress, some actively, others as admirers. If you or your friends may like an occasional update re NAC’s progress, the next exciting author’s published work, or some other milestone achieved please ask to be listed on our 'Friends of NAC' circulation list through the Contact Us page. (170424)

Among the First to Read?

Bill East's 'The Arbutus' is the third work published under NAC's tutelage, another 5-6 works in a variety of genres will follow during 2017. If you are not yet on NAC's circulation list, but  wish to be among the first to see upcoming works from NAC's list of exciting 'new authors', please send your details via the 'Contact Us' page. (170227)

NAC Author Bill East's 'The Arbutus' Published.

Bill East's first novel, 'The Arbutus', is now available for purchase - please select 'Our Authors' to see the links. 'The Arbutus' is a confronting work, whose unsuspecting central character re-enters a relationship with a past lover, only to find things have changed. Slowly morphing from innocent, to rather less so, then finding the strength to respond to the threat, she confronts her lover. Maddie's transition is breath-taking to observe. The conclusion surprises, and opens the door to a sequel, currently awaiting the editor. (170225)

Is the work ‘Finished’?

We see many works with potential but not many are actually ready for our Review Panel. If reviewers were distracted by poor punctuation and tense issues, subject/verb disagreement, typos etc we would do you, the author, and our Review Panel, a huge disservice. Unfinished works cause the panel to lose focus when considering the key elements of their Brief. Our policy is to assist authors polish their work as effectively as we may, thus creating the best chance the work will be enjoyed by publishers. This is only possible if every work taken to market is as ‘finished’ as the author can make it, as 'publisher ready' as it can be. We encourage authors to work closely with other members of NAC Writers Group, critique each other’s work, seek advice from NAC’s Literary & Editorial Heads progressively. (170125)

NAC Sydney Gathering

Encouraged by the successful 'Christmas Drinks' gathering on the Central Coast in December, NAC will host a similar function in Waverton on January 25th.
Authors, reviewers, editors, authors’ champions and others committed to the journey with New Authors Collective are welcome. 'Contact Us' for an invitation. (170104)

New Authors Collective - IP

In early December a NAC author in Australia highlighted the fact that a U.K. writers group had posted an article under the title 'New Authors Collective'.
The group was invited to acknowledge NAC's right to the valuable IP implicit in the 'New Authors Collective' brand, an apology was made, and confirmation the offending post was taken down has since been received. (170102)

NAC into 2017

Here at NAC, the ‘Three Heads’ and all who work with them realise that they are truly privileged to be entrusted with an author’s life’s work. A diamond in the rough it may be, yet Denise, Dee and the Review Panel work hard to turn rough diamonds into gems and hopefully they will sparkle ever more brightly for publishers in 2017 and beyond.

The NAC family of around ninety dedicated souls in five countries come from a range of political, ethnic and religious persuasions, harmoniously working towards one simple objective: -

Helping deserving authors fulfil their dream of being published.

2017 will see more authors joining the sixteen already aboard with some now progressing through NAC's processes. Watch this space as the NAC Writers Group becomes a lively virtual coffee shop in years ahead! (161231)

NAC Launches Private Writers Group

NAC represents published and unpublished authors with widely varying skills and experience. Some of our best writers, including several with social media and e-marketing experience, generously offer to help others develop into successful authors. We encourage all authors represented by New Authors Collective to subscribe to the group, and to  contribute to discussion of the two topics on which NAC Writers Group is to focus - writing skills and e-marketing. (161208)

Rosemary King’s 'Rosemary’s People' Published

Author Rosemary King’s bio is amazing, having lived her long varied life to the full, across three continents, now living in Lincoln in England. A keen observer of wherever she travels, her pen and pad are never far from hand. Originally a working title Around the World in 80 Tales, this engaging anthology of short stories will fascinate those interested in seeing the world through the eyes of a person who lived in Africa during turbulent battles for independence, travelled through Australia and other countries, or just observed the English peoples. A great coffee table read. Select the author’s photo for links to purchase. (161130)

Mike Allwood’s 'A Customary Dilemma' Published

First published July 1st this work is the first in a series of three works featuring Mike Costello, undercover British Customs Agent NAC hopes to have published for our first author, Mike Allwood. 'A Customary Dilemma' is an enjoyable holiday/airport read, the perfect present for Dad for Christmas or Father’s Day. Select the author’s photo for links to purchase. In the second work central character, Mike Costello, morphs into very dangerous character, perfectly suited to his role in British Customs, but …… A Customary Suspicion will be taken to publishers early 2017. (161130)

NAC Website Launch!

Our sincere thanks are offered to all who helped in developing this site, including Daniel Jones of First Contact Manchester (, Victoria Cybulski (graphics, logo, image etc); Denise Harris & Denise Doraisamy (ideas, refining text, streamlining); NAC reviewers (several), authors (Sarah, Sarah & Stuart), editors; & publishers, thank you!