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Where There Is a Will

Be among the first to receive a certified First Edition copy of 'Where There is A Will' (Genre - Fiction/Mystery).

Pre-orders for Michel Vimal du Monteil's soon to be published gripping debut can now be placed via Hawkeye Publishing's website. (210607)


Meet Lisa Darcy

'Lily's Little Flower Shop', the first of Lisa's two romantic comedies in 2021, will be followed by 'My Big Greek Holiday', both published by Bloodhound Books UK. 

To mark Lisa's successes, understand more of what drives her writing, Brightside Story Studio's (& NAC Editorial Head's) Andrea Barton recently interviewed Lisa - definitely worth a look - Lisa Darcy Interview.

A successful indie UK publisher, Bloodhound Books recently secured audio and large print rights deals for Lily's Little Flower Shop, while also doing a brilliant job promoting Sarah Bourne's runaway success, 'The Train'.  

Well done ladies! (210525)


Sarah Bourne's The Train

'The Train', Sarah's first book to be signed by Bloodhound Books UK, was published April 12 2021, and selling well both as paperback and eBook. Reviewers loved it.

“I can highly recommend this as a great read”. (Sam – Amazon)

“This was one of the best things I have read for some time. ” (Valli - Amazon)

“Loved the intricate weaving of stories and points of view.” (Michele Ardon – Amazon)

Following 'The Train', Bloodhound also published 'Ella's War' (June 28), and 'InVisible' will follow on September 28. Watch this space for news of Sarah's alter ego, and her murder/mystery series. (210512)


Timo Bozsolik-Torres Joins NAC  

Sydney writer, Timo Bozsolik-Torres, shortlisted in the Hawkeye Publishing Manuscript Development Prize, recently joined NAC's list. His first work Project Scaevola, a thriller set in the IT world in which Timo works when not writing, is scheduled for completion 2nd quarter 2021. Timo joins the ranks of younger writers now represented by NAC. (210325)


Publication 2021

Nine books are scheduled for publication during 2021: - 

- ASP Melbourne imprint, Arcadia, published Miles Hunt's fine debut 'The Information Editor' February 2021, your copy available ordered direct from the publisher, Amazon & Goodreads. The March 12 Gleebooks Glebe Sydney launch was fully booked, but contact 0413053083 for information on future Sydney & Melbourne 'Meet Author Miles Hunt' events. WA author Steve Rogers' popular third book, 'Death in a Matchbox', published October 2020, is available from Amazon/Kindle, Goodreads and fine bookshops.

- Others include - Sarah Bourne ('The Train' - April, 'Ella's War' - June, & 'InVisible' - November), Lisa Darcy ('Lily's Little Flower Shop' - June, & 'My Big Greek Holiday' - August), Sarah Hawthorn ('A Voice in the Night' - June) and Susannah Hardy ('Loving Lizzie March' - July), Michel Vimal du Monteil ('Where There is a Will' - t.b.a.) (210311)

Book Launch - Sydney

The NSW Launch of Miles Hunt's 'The Information Editor' will be March 12 at 6:00 p.m. courtesy of one of Sydney truly innovative bookstores, Gleebooks Sydney, 49 Glebe Point Road, Glebe, NSW, 2037, Phone  +61-2-9660 2333. Place numbers are limited, already >80% booked, so best rush your application for this 'NSW Book Launch event of the month'. 

For more news about NAC's exciting up and coming authors take a look at Miles' author page, and NAC News. (210219)


Hawkeye Publishing Long List

Congratulations to Andrea Barton, as her 'Lost in Lagos' makes the long list in the Hawkeye Publishing Manuscript Development Prize 2021 competition. Currently under consideration by publishers in Australia, the UK and the USA, one reader suggests the manuscript is -  “Very creative, exotic. It took me to a country with a completely different culture, but the universal theme of family and fear of loss also made it familiar.” Watch this space for more news. (210215)


Recent Deals

A busy start to 2021, with Lisa Darcy's new, multi-book deal signed with Bloodhound Books UK, and debut author Michel Vimal du Monteil's deal with Hawkeye Publishing now in place as well. Michel's book is scheduled for publication late 2021, and the first book under Lisa's new contract is scheduled for publication early 2022. These are worthy successes reflecting the enormous hard work of both, and a further indication of NAC Editorial's support to all our authors. Well done team! (210209)


Miles Hunt's 'The Information Editor'

Nick Walker, MD of ASP's Arcadia fiction imprint, confirms the February 25th 2021 publication of Miles Hunt's impressive debut, 'The Information Editor'.

Perhaps bringing to mind such fine comparison authors such as George Orwell (1984), Aldous Huxley (Brave New World), Margaret Attwood (The Handmaid’s Tale & now The Testaments), Miles Hunt's 'The Information Editor' really hits the zeitgeist of the changing world we currently live in, particularly appealing to younger readers for its relevance to their futures.

As Miles suggests,  ‘…. a dystopian future, but one where you can really tell (much of the story) is happening now. That’s why it’s so different from other comparable works. It’s real…..’ 

Our congratulations to Miles for holding fast to his vision for his thought-provoking work, intended to be book-ended by 'The Story Teller', scheduled for late 2021, a companion work - a Utopian alternative to the grim dystopian world projected in 'The Information Editor'.

ISBN for the book is 978-1-922454-44-7 (210211)


Shadley Fataar Joins NAC

We welcome North Coast NSW writer (& part time radiologist) Shadley Fataar to our list. Growing up in appartheid-era South Africa Shadley saw the country's march to eventual freedom, with Nelson Mandela as President. His experience as a young man, then as a medico, greatly informs his ‘In the Shadow of Table Mountain, Cape Town’ trilogy, the first part of which will go to publishers early 2021. (201215)


Cindy Wallace Joins NAC

US writer, Cindy Wallace, today joins NAC's international authors list, a list now populated by American, Australian, English, French, Irish & Scottish writers.

With more than fifty articles published while staff writer and freelance journalist, her prose won 1st and 2nd place awards in Touchstones literary magazine, and also appeared in the Southern Quill literary magazine. Holding a bachelor’s degree in English with a creative writing emphasis from Utah Valley University, and a master’s degree in social work from the University of Utah, Cindy doubles as mental health therapist, while working on her writing - a self-help book, as well as women’s fiction. (201202)


Rob Benjamin’s ‘DEFIANCE’

After a prominent career in Western Australian legal circles, Rob Benjamin recently self-published his ‘DEFIANCE - Survival Against All Odds’. An ambitious project, this impressive, scholarly work will appeal to all interested in modern history. ‘Defiance’ is one man’s extraordinary story of the Jewish peoples’ struggle for survival in a seemingly impossibly hostile world. Offering a unique, thoroughly readable and accessible blend of historical detail and truly remarkable personal stories of people and events in a world in constant turmoil, ‘Defiance - Survival Against All Odds’ explores topics such as historical anti-Semitism, World War II, Arab/Israel/Lebanon wars, global civilian uprisings, the US-led ‘Global War on Terror’, global terrorism, political deceit, the propaganda war and many other topics of interest in a coherent, logical way. Order your copy now from [email protected] - AUD39 delivered Express Mail Australia-wide, contact NAC for more information about the book.


So, You want to be an Author?!

“Writing a book is an adventure. To begin with it is a toy, then an amusement. Then it becomes a mistress, and then it becomes a master, and then it becomes a tyrant and, in the last stage, just as you are about to be reconciled to your servitude, you kill the monster and fling him to the public.”  Winston Churchill  (201119) 


Liam Murphy Joins NAC

A freelance journalist living in Sydney, now debut author, we welcome Liam to NAC’s list. Having completed an MFA in Creative Writing at the University of Technology Sydney, he lived, worked and travelled solo across the United States. His many experiences and (sometimes bizarre) encounters on the journey provide the semi-autobiographical backdrop to his first work, ‘That Is All’. (201116) 


NAC Editorial Expands

Dr Bella Ellwood-Clayton, an experienced editor and award-winning author joins the talented NAC Editorial team November 1st 2020. Raised in Canada and Australia, Bella enhances the already considerable experience and skills NAC offers new, emerging and more established authors in Australia and offshore. With published nonfiction (Allen & Unwin), prize-winning fiction and short stories in numerous journals, poetry, and hundreds of articles in numerous magazines and sites, such as Huffington Post, The Age, and Sydney Morning Herald, Bella's practical and academic qualifications and experience will benefit authors on their journey with NAC. (201031)


Sarah Bourne's Next Deal

Recently signing Sarah Bourne into a multi-book, world rights deal, for 'The Train', followed by 'Ella's War', Bloodhound Books UK have extended their partnership with Sarah in a deal for her 'InVisible'. Scheduled for November 2021, following earlier releases in May and June 2021, three of Sarah's works will be launched during 2021. Again, our congratulations to Sarah. (201027)


Bloodhound UK Signs Lisa Darcy

When Lisa Darcy's hi-flying Lily ditches all including her corporate life for beach and flowers, her sea change leads to more complications than she could ever have imagined. Under a deal signed with Bloodhound Books UK,  Lisa's engaging romcom 'Lily's Little Flower Shoppe' is scheduled for publication June 2021. (201012)


Interview - CEO

Building on knowledge gained, the quiet successes of authors during NAC's first five years, Michael Cybulski, CEO, reviews NAC's progress and considers what the future may hold for those on NAC's journey, during a candid interview by Brightside Story Studio Principal, Andrea Barton. (201027)


'Death in a Matchbox' Published

Despite America's challenges with Covid-19 and the forthcoming Federal election Moonshine Cove Publishing, USA came in on schedule with the October 7 world release of Steve Rogers' third book, 'Death In A Matchbox'. An authentic murder mystery in the red dirt crime genre, 'Death in a Matchbox' is set in Australia's Outback, 'Told through fast-moving and racy dialogue, carried by a narrative voice that knows his stuff, this is a little outback treasure.' (Emeritus Professor James Weiland). Available through Amazon and Kindle, Trade enquiries - please contact Michael Cybulski (+61413053083), or the publisher ([email protected] ). 

The next work from this highly entertaining Australian writer, 'A Red Handbag', has action spanning the murky world of drugs in Australian, Malaysian and UK horse racing. (201007) 


Diane Clarke Joins NAC

We welcome Diane to NAC's list, a debut author. For the past five years she committed herself to a creative writing career, culminating in a story that weaves her own personal experiences of Alzheimer’s Disease with a family thriller. Having contributed a number of short stories to two anthologies published by the Carindale Writers’ Group, ‘Encounters’ (2016) and ‘Nailbiters: Not for the Nervous’ (2019), Diane recently won second place in the Sydney Hammond Memorial Short Story competition with, ‘A Life lesson’, since published in an anthology called, ‘Stories from under the Southern Cross’ (Hawkeye Publishing, 2019). (201005)


Bloodhound UK Multi-book Deal

Following recent signing of 'The Train' for world rights, Bloodhound Books UK extended their partnership with Sarah Bourne into a multi-book, world rights deal, under which 'The Train' will be followed by 'Ella's War', the first tentatively scheduled for release May 2021. Surely testament to her steadily developing writing skills, the scope of her work, her confidence as she grows as author, congratulations Sarah, and well done Betsy Reavley at Bloodhound Books. (200910)


ASP Signs Miles Hunt

Australian Scholarly Publishing Melbourne signs 'The Information Editor' for Australian print rights. A remarkable debut from NAC author Miles Hunt, dare we suggest 'The Information Editor' as a read for today's younger audience, whose parents so loved 'The Handmaid's Tale'. Offshore discussion of worldwide eBook, non-Australian print, and other rights with publishers in Canada, UK & the US seems likely. Scheduled for mid-2021 is Miles' duology companion, a utopian tale currently coded 'TST' - yin and yang, perhaps. (200909)


Bloodhound UK Signs Sarah Bourne

Returning to the published list, Bloodhound Books UK has snapped up world rights to Sarah Bourne's clever new work, 'The Train'. Watch this space for publication date. (200803)


PMA Signs Susannah Hardy

Pan Macmillan Australia has signed Susannah Hardy for the ANZ rights to her superb debut work, a quirky humorous romantic comedy entitled  'Love - It's in the Bag!’. With its release set for 2021, Susannah is now focused on her next work of fiction. Well done Susannah! Watch this space!! (200806)


J.C. Dillon

'Art and Song' is Chris Dillon's wonderful rags to riches story. From the squalor of the Salford (Manchester) UK slums of the Great Depression, aged forty, Chris eventually escapes to Australia for a whole new technicolour world of travel, singing, painting, new relationships and marvellous experiences. His striking illustrations were painted late in life in ‘naïve’ style, from childhood memories. This is a fascinating social record of the 1930s onwards, with plenty of drama, humour and tears, even close encounters with the Grim Reaper.

Available through Amazon in both e-book and paperback formats, colour illustrations in the e-book, B&W in paperback. ISBN – 9798619106145. (200721)


Mike Barnacoat Joins NAC

Having woven careers as teacher and university lecturer, professional actor and entrepreneur Mike Barnacoat turned to writing adult fiction as his fourth career. Recently completing a fast-paced political thriller reflecting today's geopolitical realities, the action and intrigue spreads across Asia, North America and Australia. A work that keep readers entertained from page one, NAC looks forward to representing Mike's first work to publishers in Australia, North America and the UK. (200521)  


John Watt Joins NAC

Published by Wild Dingo Press in 2016, John's first commercial work, 'Crooked Vows', was critically well-received, appearing as it did shortly before the findings of Julia Gillard's Royal Commission into Child Abuse were handed down. For anyone concerned about the Catholic Church's systemic behaviour, the Australian High Court's decision re Pell, the seemingly endless saga of so many disgraced priests and brothers, albeit a fictional work, 'Crooked Vows' is well-worth revisiting for those who haven't seen it before. John continues the theme with his next work, 'Neither the Day Nor the Hour', to be submitted to publishers July 2020. (200514)  


Publication Dates and COVID-19

While some publishers send acquisitions editors 'on furlough', close their lists for the foreseeable future, others take the opportunity and actively seek opportunities. And it is particularly gratifying to note both Transit Lounge Melbourne (with Sarah Hawthorn's upcoming work) and Moonshine Cove USA (Steve Rogers 'Death in a Matchbox') are at this stage proceeding towards publication according to schedule. We acknowledge that commitment to their craft. (200501)


Offshore Exposure

Mindful our goal is to assist authors gain widest possible exposure of their work, it's worth noting fine publishers in more than one country will see most NAC submissions. Yes, publishers located in Australia,  but other markets include Canada, England, Ireland, New Zealand, Scotland and/or the US for selected works. The location of the author is unimportant, in the sense their work will be offered in a range of countries, when the story and/or author's heritage warrant.  (200310)


Lisa Heidke Joins NAC

Lisa’s passion is for writing fiction, typically stories about women in their thirties and forties navigating friendships, careers, romance, ultimately triumphing over adversity. With six published novels to date, five with Allen & Unwin, Lisa joins New Authors Collective with her seventh work, a more strongly romance-focused, fish-out-of-water, coastal romance. A teacher of Creative Writing at the Australian Writers’ Centre in Sydney, Lisa also presents workshops, has been on panels at RWA conferences, GenreCon, Sydney Writers’ Festival, and many regional writers’ festivals. (200228)


Home for Emerging Authors?

Representing authors in Australia, England, Ireland and the US, English-speaking authors located in UK and the US, France even, have recently expressed interest in joining our list. NAC represents not only talented 'new' authors, though. Recent additions to our list, with several others on the journey to our list, include a number of multi-published authors who identify NAC's, apparently unique, review process as a critical part of finalising their work. Several suggest their hope is, with NAC's support and encouragement, they may re-energise their writing, their work gain wider exposure, especially with publishers offshore. NAC's ambition is to be home for nurturing fine new and emerging authors writing across a range of genres. (200222)


Helen Menzies Joins NAC

Helen is a writer, editor and writing tutor. She lives on the idyllic Central Coast of New South Wales and, since moving there from Sydney in 2006, she has written a memoir, a trilogy of children’s books, and edited and published two collections of stories written by members of her twice-yearly intensive Life Writing classes. In the years before coming to live on the coast, Helen was a teacher at all levels - primary, secondary and university. In a wide-ranging career she was also union official, Rupert Murdoch’s first woman sports journalist, Deputy Commissioner for Equal Opportunity in South Australia, and senior manager in the NSW Public Service. (200128)


Susannah Hardy Joins NAC

A warm welcome to Susannah as she joins our list, with her first, quirky work of fiction being finalised in close consultation with NAC Editorial. Susannah's acting career has involved everything from film and television roles to being one of two singing Carmen Mirandas on roller blades, Tutti & Frutti (she was Frutti), and creating sketch comedy for Arena TV, Foxtel, as part of an all-girl trio, The Girls. (200110)


Au Revoir Denise​

Denise Harris has formally handed in her stripes as NAC Editorial Head, some four and half years after joining NAC's journey. Her legacy enables NAC to face the future with confidence, with Andrea Barton and Sue Anderson ably stepping up in their roles with NAC Editorial, overseeing our adult fiction and nonfiction work, children’s middle grade and YA’s.

For more information and to pass on your good wishes please contact NAC. (200101)


Grindstone International Novel Prize 2019

Congratulations to Sarah Hawthorn, short-listed in the final six nominated in the Grindstone International Novel Prize 2019, for her upcoming 'Postmark Guernsey, 1945', a nomination recognising Sarah's steady development as a fine, rapidly emerging writer. NAC is confident 2020 will be her year ...! (191217)


NAC's Push Offshore

Author Steve Rogers’ recent US success underpins the steady rise in Australian crime writers' popularity offshore.

Working closely with publishers in the UK & US in particular, NAC is looking for authors to join our list, writing in the 'Aussie noir', 'Outback crime', 'bush noir', ‘outback noir’, ‘sunburnt noir’, ‘red dirt crime’ and ‘Southern Cross crime' sub-categories.

Committed to being the very best writers you may be in this space, if you or someone you know has a thoroughly edited, fully completed manuscript ready for proofing, please contact NAC. (191216)


Moonshine Cove Publishing USA signs Steve Rogers

Western Australian author Steve Rogers signs with USA publisher, Moonshine Cove, in a world-rights deal for his latest novel.

'Death in a Matchbox' is his third full length work of commercial fiction, the second in the Carter de Freitas series featuring Elise, Carter's young painting companion, and Carpenter, such a cool dude of a three-legged dog.

An Australian outback 'red dirt' mystery set in the eastern goldfields region of Australia's Outback, 'Death in a Matchbox' is scheduled for October 2020 release.

Michael Cybulski, Director, New Authors Collective explains - “(This is) ... such a highly satisfying result for NAC, who believe so strongly in Steve's potential as writer in this space, in a style particularly popular with male and female readers from their 40's onwards. Not just the first NAC author, writing in the 'red dirt' and 'Australian Outback crime', space to be published, Steve is also the first to be signed out of the US'.

A successful independent American publisher based in Abbeville, South Carolina, Moonshine Cove is a small traditional house with a fine record of launching emerging writers' careers into the US market. (191217)

More information on Moonshine Cove Publishing:


Andrea Barton - NAC Editorial

A fine emerging author in her own right, Andrea Barton joins NAC’s editorial team as ’Nonfiction Editorial Head'.

Working together with Denise Harris and Sue Anderson, the team in NAC Editorial bring considerable expertise to support authors as they develop their craft as writers of adult fiction and nonfiction, along with a select group of children's, middle grade and YA’s authors. (190930)

Sue Anderson - NAC Editorial

Some 15 months since joining Denise Harris in NAC Editorial, Sue Anderson's remit expands to include a select group of children's authors, and others on NAC's Adult Fiction list. 

This expanded role reflects Sue's long-time personal interest in children's development, and her career as educator. (190906)

Transit Lounge signs Sarah Hawthorn

This week, emerging author Sarah Hawthorn signed a two-book, world-rights deal with award-winning Melbourne publisher, Transit Lounge.

Her debut novel, a psychological thriller set in New York, London and Sydney, is slated for release early 2021.

“NAC is thrilled to have found the perfect home for Sarah’s novel. Our review panel showed enormous enthusiasm for this book and under Sue Anderson’s direction helped Sarah polish her final draft,” said Michael Cybulski, Director, New Authors Collective.

Transit Lounge will provide full editorial and publicity support, as well as having first option on Sarah’s next work. (190828)

More information on Transit Lounge:

Follow Sarah:

Stephen Pollock Joins NAC

Stephen has had eight short stories published in literary journals including Cracked Eye and Regime, has won two UK short story competitions (Darker Times) and was short-listed in the To Hull and Back short story anthology. His poetry has been published in the Brisbane Speed Poets journal. Stephen is now turning his attention to full-length fiction with a strong Scottish flavour. He has a background in news editorial. (190705)

NAC Non-Fiction Appointment

Progressing from the announcement below, we have great pleasure announcing Andrea Barton's appointment to NAC Non-fiction Editorial, where she will be focused on Adult works w.e.f. 1/05/2019.

For more information go About Us - NAC Executive (190502)

Miles Hunt Joins NAC

We welcome Miles to NAC’s list of authors, with his fifth book since finishing an Arts/Law degree in 2007, a fascinating dystopian novel now completing NAC’s review process. Since gaining his degree Miles travelled extensively, studied philosophy, performed stand-up comedy and sketch shows at the Sydney and Adelaide Fringe Festivals, ran for the Senate in the Federal Parliament and worked as a lawyer. He recently moved into part time work to pursue a writing career. (190501) 

NAC Nonfiction

Sebastian Handley's influential inside story of 'Brexit, How the Nobodies Beat the Somebodies' was the first nonfiction work sold by NAC.   

As the number of such works represented by NAC grows our 'NAC Nonfiction' initiative aims to attract authors with strong public profiles, rich and varied experiences, stories to intrigue and entertain the world. 

'NAC Nonfiction' will parallel 'NAC Fiction' and 'NAC Children', and in its early stages will be headed by CEO, Michael Cybulski.

Jenny Walsh & Lesley Hammond will now join Sebastian, relating many unique experiences over 30 years' world travel in pursuit of their ever-popular 32 natural history documentaries and, now, several feature films. Their planned book series for children will sit with NAC's children's works (DA Doraisamy's 'Action Series', Sarah East's 'Because You're You!', Steve Rogers 'Don't Pick Your Nose, Leo').

Update - the keenly anticipated follow up to Sebastian Handley's work on Brexit is on track to publishers May 2019. (190321)

Documentary Producers Join NAC's List

Internationally respected Australian film & TV producers Jenny Walsh and Lesley Hammond have joined NAC’s list, with a planned series of works covering their travels in pursuit of their documentary subjects across countries in six continents. Will Antarctica be next ....?! Watch this space! (190321)

Your Agent Does What?

Posted by Andrea Barton on joining New Authors Collective, her blog sets out her expectations  - Five Reasons to Sign With a Literary Agent. Take a look .... (181206)

Andrea Barton Joins NAC

We are delighted to welcome Andrea Barton, author of adult and children's fiction, to New Authors Collective list. Repatriated to Melbourne, Australia after 13 years in Nigeria, USA and Qatar, her current project is a mystery series featuring an expat spouse. (181206)

Rhona Dunwoodie's 'It's All About Melinda' to be Published!

Olympia Publishers UK announces November 29th as publication date for this thought-provoking work dealing with teen bi-polar disorder. A fascinating story in its own right, we believe 'It's All About Melinda' will have great appeal as a schools' educational aid and reference work. (181115)

3rd in Series to be Published!

'Maddie and the King of Paradise', Bill East's third and final book in the Maddie series of psychological thrillers, is set to be published 15th November. For those who like to see girls get their own back, this series is for you. Order now to ensure you have the whole series in time for Christmas.(181101)

Michel Vimal du Monteil Joins NAC

Michel, a dual Australian/French citizen now living and writing at Emerald Beach NSW, recently joined NAC's growing list of authors. His engrossing Australian thriller, with its an original plot based around the northern Sydney beaches, southern NSW and FNQ is completing NAC's review process currently, and will soon be on its way to publishers. We have much pleasure welcoming Michel to NAC's list. (181025)

Published! 2nd of 5 in the Series

After 'Action Africa' comes 'Action India', the second of Denise Doraisamy's Action Series of five books, published early September. This will be followed before Christmas by the remainder of the series, for children 10-13 years age. Formal NSW launch was September 8th. (180904)

So, your book receives a great 'Review'?

The best way to get the good news 'out there' is to post the review, or a link to the review, on your own website, blog, Face Book page, Instagram etc. Then ask NAC to put a link to the review straight to the Review page on your site via your NAC Authors Page. (180818)

Books as Presents

Almost everyone loves a book so, for all your Christmas/Easter/summer holiday and/or Mothers/Fathers Day, children's birthday gift ideas for family and friends, contact NAC for suggestions of upcoming books from exciting NAC authors. (180816)

August Book of the month

This month's featured work is the totally absorbing 'Octet, Michael's Story in Eight Voices', the first adult fiction from rapidly emerging Western Australian author James Wieland. In joining ASP's list, Jim joins the many fine Australian writers of adult fiction published by Australian Scholarly Publishing/Arcadia, Melbourne. A book not to be missed, the perfect present for every discerning reader, every book club. Find 'Octet' at - Australian Scholarly Publications (180816)


'Action Africa', the first in Denise Doraisamy's Action Series of five books for children 10-13 years age, was published August 1st, and will be followed by the four others over the next couple of months. Formal NSW launch is planned for September. (180809)


Jim Wieland's beautiful 'Octet, Michael's Story in Eight Voices' was officially 'published' August 2nd. Soft launch planned for Perth August 23rd, followed in coming months by presentations in other parts of Western Australia and New South Wales. Based in Cottesloe WA, Jim enjoys talking about his work, so why not invite him or Michael to address your book club or other social or services club? (180808)

New Feature

NAC authors books, published and now available for sale, can all be found in the one place. With one click readers can buy the e-Book, paperback and hardcover versions of their work. 

You will find this resource if you go to 'Our Authors', and select the 'Buy Books Here' option.  (180719)

2 in 1 Day!

Jim Wieland's wonderful 'Octet, Michael's Story in Eight Voices' has been accepted for publishing by Australian Scholarly Publishing Pty Ltd, Melbourne. The work is now in pre-production, expected to be 'published in the Spring, September perhaps', on book shelves in time for Christmas. This is an impressive achievement, both for the author and for New Authors Collective - just take a look at the company of authors Jim now keeps ...! NAC will be most grateful if you feel able to support this talented author by ordering 'Octet' as a Christmas or birthday present for those close to you - and please don't forget to post strong reviews on Amazon or Kindle if you enjoy the work. (180531)

Publishing Success

Denise Doraisamy's charming 'Action Series' of five works for Young Adults has been accepted for publishing out of the UK, with distribution available into both the UK & Australian markets. The works will now move into pre-production, and are expected to be 'published' within 3-6 months, in time for Christmas. If you have nephews and nieces in the 10-13 age bracket you can support Dee by ordering sets of the series as Christmas or birthday presents - for a modest extra handling fee Dee will personally inscribe full sets ordered. And please don't forget to post strong reviews on Amazon or Kindle if you/the youngsters enjoy the work. (180531)

Steve Sohmer Joins NAC

We have great pleasure in welcoming Steve Sohmer to NAC. Steve is a Shakespearean scholar, author of fiction and nonfiction books. He is a television writer and producer, and former network television and motion picture studio executive. See Author Page for more information. (180510)

Tina Funder Joins NAC

A talented children’s author and illustrator, Tina recently relocated to Melbourne with her family. Her work is now ready for publishers. (180503)

Literary Competitions Committee

NAC's Competitions Committee should be in  operation around September 2018. The Committee's purpose is to identify works for entry in Literary Competitions, encouraging authors to submit to Competitions appropriate to their work. Inaugural Committee Chair, Sue Anderson, hopes to report her initial recommendations re Committee. (180503)

Oliver Freeman Joins NAC's List

A career publisher, turned author, we have great pleasure welcoming Oliver as the 23rd to join our list, and wishing him every success. NAC represents Oliver’s upcoming adult works of fiction and memoir. See Author Page for more information. (180125)

Authors Joining NAC's List

We welcome Author Isaac Oosterloo, who becomes author #24 on NAC's list, and our 5th author from Western Australia. Please take a look at his profile, and those of all our authors. (180416)

Dor Slinkard's UK Launch of 'For the Love of Patrick'

NAC author, Dor Slinkard, will be in the UK for 4 weeks, supporting her May 2018 book launch, with Austin Macauley Publishers Ltd. Friends, the Baron & Baroness von Kohorn and Lord & Lady Shepherd, will kindly support 'For the Love of Patrick' by sponsoring the roll out with private book launches. Let's support Dor in sending our good wishes. (180329)

Script Marketing Unit

Helen Winter joins New Authors Collective with the challenging Brief of 'Help realise the capital value residing in Manuscripts'. Click here for more information. (180123)

Editorial Team Appointment

We welcome Sue Anderson to NAC Editorial, where she will work closely with Denise Harris on 'adult works'. Click here for more information. (171027)

Official Launch of Dor Slinkard's 'For the Love of Patrick'.

More than 100 family, friends, dignitaries & others helped launch the first in the 'Patrick Saga' series of three works at Windermere Farm, Dor & Wade Slinkard's  race horse training establishment in picturesque Wilberforce, on the Hawkesbury River. The author's entire stock sold out, the next shipment due this week. For details of stockists Click Here (171126)






Looking for the perfect Christmas present idea?

If you, or the person you are looking for Christmas present ideas for, likes a good read you need go no further than - Such a diverse group of emerging authors and their stories, New Authors Collective's List has enough to satisfy the most eclectic of tastes. Whether charming short stories or Brexit memoir, Australian family saga or outback thriller, science thriller or espionage/love story, edgy psychological drama or British undercover agent action, NAC's authors can entertain almost every taste ... Just contact Michael at [email protected] for suggestions. (171117)

Second Success for Bill East!

NAC author Bill East's first novel, 'The Arbutus' sells steadily, and will be joined in book shops early 2018 by  'Maddie Trinco', the sequel. If you found Maddie fascinating, disturbing even, in 'The Arbutus', even reluctantly admired her determination, her simplistic 'get even' moral code, her crusade in 'Maddie Trinco' will have you reading well into the early morning hours .... (171115)

The Perfect Christmas Read

Brexit - unbelievable how poisonous the situation is in the UK, if you supported the Brexit argument, as did NAC author Sebastian Handley. A proud supporter of the exit movement, a leader of the grass roots revolution in the South of England, Sebastian’s Book is the inside story of one perceptive crusader’s involvement in Brexit. NAC suggests ‘Brexit - How the Nobodies Beat the Somebodies’ is the perfect Christmas read - see ‘Our Authors’ for more’.

Vale Rhona! 

Sadly, author Rhona Dunwoodie passed away unexpectedly recently. Her greatest wish in later years was to see published her 'It's All About Melinda', a sensitive account of a young woman with bi-polar. New Authors Collective greatly appreciates Olympia Publishers UK, her publisher, committing to production of the work, with likely publication late 2017 or early 2018. All on the journey with New Authors Collective join Michael, Denise, Dee and Sue in expressing their condolences to Rhona's family. (171005)

Working with NAC

Volunteers can help authors in several ways. (170824)

Short Story Prize Winner

We are delighted to announce Sarah Bourne recently won the Hunter Writer’s Centre prize for a short story entitled "The Sounds Of You", submitted to their Grieve Anthology. Karen Crofts, Writer, teacher of Creative Writing and Director of the centre, said, "Absolutely loved your piece. I will use it in future to demonstrate brilliant writing other than with the sense of ‘sight’. It was such a personal story but also so universal.” Congratulations Sarah. (170823)

More NAC Authors Published

Congratulations to Sebastian Handley (20/6), Anthony Carilla and Stuart Campbell (30/6), and Steve Rogers (31/7) whose books were published; and Dor Slinkard who joins them 31/8. Rhona Dunwoodie follows later in the year. Two others are under offer, and likely to sign by end September. Well done to all! (170814)

Posting Reviews on Amazon & Kindle

Thirty reviews will lift a book's ranking, inevitably contribute to greater exposure of the work, which leads to increased sales so, you posting a strong review of the book on Amazon or Kindle is the greatest favour you can offer an author. You don't even need to actually buy the book though - if you borrowed it from a friend or the library, just use your Amazon or Kindle account, click on the book cover, select 'Review' and go from there. So, if you enjoyed one of our authors please complete the circle and post an awesome ***** review!! (170705)

Authors Ambassadors Roles

As more of NAC's authors are published more opportunities are available to work closely with an exciting author, helping raise visibility of the author and their exciting new work soon after publishing. If you are interested in joining NAC's journey as a volunteer please go to (170525)

Incisive Review of 'The Arbutus'

Bill East's first work is off to a flying start, with sales posted in UK, USA and Australia. Why not take a look at this review of 'The Arbutus' - 'Maddie Trinco', the sequel, is with the editors currently, and should be with the publishers mid-year. (170424)

Sebastian Handley and Anne Deed Join NAC 

New Authors Collective has great pleasure welcoming Sebastian and Anne to NAC's Authors List, wishing both every success in their writing careers. Their first works, respectively, are an extraordinary topical political memoir, and a very moving personal memoir crossing Australian and Asian cultures; both are with publishers right now, and both have offers to consider. Their futures look bright. (170426)

NAC Authors Ambassadors

A recent initiative to promote our authors, NAC invites applications for the role of Authors Ambassador for the upcoming published works. Participation as ambassador may be for just one work, all works of an author, or across a range of authors - as you wish. The ambassador may be located anywhere, not necessarily the author’s country. In fact, location in another jurisdiction is highly desirable. N.B. Research suggests Review Panel members will enjoy completing the circle on works they assessed. A number of Coordinating Ambassadors' roles are available as well. To apply to become an ambassador, or for more information, please apply through the ‘Contact Us’ page. (170425)

NAC Support for Book Clubs

NAC specialises in developing authors’ commercial potential in a wide range of genres, helping fulfil each writer's dream of being published, then increasing visibility of author and their work through the English-speaking world. One way we do this is by working with Book Clubs, providing material on upcoming NAC authors exciting new works, even by arranging access to the author. Ultimately our hope is you will support our authors by placing their works on your Reading Lists. If your Club or your friends' Clubs would like occasional updates re NAC’s next exciting author’s published work please ask to be listed on NAC's 'Book Clubs' circulation list  through the Contact Uspage. (170424)

Friends of NAC

The number of people now on NAC's journey grows steadily, with more than 120 people in 5 countries emotionally engaged in this collective enterprise. Many are interested in NAC's progress, some actively, others as admirers. If you or your friends may like an occasional update re NAC’s progress, the next exciting author’s published work, or some other milestone achieved please ask to be listed on our 'Friends of NAC' circulation list through the Contact Us page. (170424)

Among the First to Read?

Bill East's 'The Arbutus' is the third work published under NAC's tutelage, another 5-6 works in a variety of genres will follow during 2017. If you are not yet on NAC's circulation list, but  wish to be among the first to see upcoming works from NAC's list of exciting 'new authors', please send your details via the 'Contact Us' page. (170227)

NAC Author Bill East's 'The Arbutus' Published.

Bill East's first novel, 'The Arbutus', is now available for purchase - please select 'Our Authors' to see the links. 'The Arbutus' is a confronting work, whose unsuspecting central character re-enters a relationship with a past lover, only to find things have changed. Slowly morphing from innocent, to rather less so, then finding the strength to respond to the threat, she confronts her lover. Maddie's transition is breath-taking to observe. The conclusion surprises, and opens the door to a sequel, currently awaiting the editor. (170225)

Is the work ‘Finished’?

We see many works with potential but not many are actually ready for our Review Panel. If reviewers were distracted by poor punctuation and tense issues, subject/verb disagreement, typos etc we would do you, the author, and our Review Panel, a huge disservice. Unfinished works cause the panel to lose focus when considering the key elements of their Brief. Our policy is to assist authors polish their work as effectively as we may, thus creating the best chance the work will be enjoyed by publishers. This is only possible if every work taken to market is as ‘finished’ as the author can make it, as 'publisher ready' as it can be. We encourage authors to work closely with other members of NAC Writers Group, critique each other’s work, seek advice from NAC’s Literary & Editorial Heads progressively. (170125)

NAC Sydney Gathering

Encouraged by the successful 'Christmas Drinks' gathering on the Central Coast in December, NAC will host a similar function in Waverton on January 25th.
Authors, reviewers, editors, authors’ champions and others committed to the journey with New Authors Collective are welcome. 'Contact Us' for an invitation. (170104)

New Authors Collective - IP

In early December a NAC author in Australia highlighted the fact that a U.K. writers group had posted an article under the title 'New Authors Collective'.
The group was invited to acknowledge NAC's right to the valuable IP implicit in the 'New Authors Collective' brand, an apology was made, and confirmation the offending post was taken down has since been received. (170102)

NAC into 2017

Here at NAC, the ‘Three Heads’ and all who work with them realise that they are truly privileged to be entrusted with an author’s life’s work. A diamond in the rough it may be, yet Denise, Dee and the Review Panel work hard to turn rough diamonds into gems and hopefully they will sparkle ever more brightly for publishers in 2017 and beyond.

The NAC family of around ninety dedicated souls in five countries come from a range of political, ethnic and religious persuasions, harmoniously working towards one simple objective: -

Helping deserving authors fulfil their dream of being published.

2017 will see more authors joining the sixteen already aboard with some now progressing through NAC's processes. Watch this space as the NAC Writers Group becomes a lively virtual coffee shop in years ahead! (161231)

NAC Launches Private Writers Group

NAC represents published and unpublished authors with widely varying skills and experience. Some of our best writers, including several with social media and e-marketing experience, generously offer to help others develop into successful authors. We encourage all authors represented by New Authors Collective to subscribe to the group, and to  contribute to discussion of the two topics on which NAC Writers Group is to focus - writing skills and e-marketing. (161208)

Rosemary King’s 'Rosemary’s People' Published

Author Rosemary King’s bio is amazing, having lived her long varied life to the full, across three continents, now living in Lincoln in England. A keen observer of wherever she travels, her pen and pad are never far from hand. Originally a working title Around the World in 80 Tales, this engaging anthology of short stories will fascinate those interested in seeing the world through the eyes of a person who lived in Africa during turbulent battles for independence, travelled through Australia and other countries, or just observed the English peoples. A great coffee table read. Select the author’s photo for links to purchase. (161130)

Mike Allwood’s 'A Customary Dilemma' Published

First published July 1st this work is the first in a series of three works featuring Mike Costello, undercover British Customs Agent NAC hopes to have published for our first author, Mike Allwood. 'A Customary Dilemma' is an enjoyable holiday/airport read, the perfect present for Dad for Christmas or Father’s Day. Select the author’s photo for links to purchase. In the second work central character, Mike Costello, morphs into very dangerous character, perfectly suited to his role in British Customs, but …… A Customary Suspicion will be taken to publishers early 2017. (161130)

NAC Website Launch!

Our sincere thanks are offered to all who helped in developing this site, including Daniel Jones of First Contact Manchester (, Victoria Cybulski (graphics, logo, image etc); Denise Harris & Denise Doraisamy (ideas, refining text, streamlining); NAC reviewers (several), authors (Sarah, Sarah & Stuart), editors; & publishers, thank you!