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When Lives Collide 

Sarah Bourne’s When Lives Collide is due for release on 27thn September 2022.

A hit-and-run puts two women on a collision course with fate, in this mind-blowing psychological thriller from the author of Exile. 

It only takes one second to change a life. Loretta Davidson learns this the hard way when, on a rainy afternoon, her car crashes into another vehicle at an intersection. Loretta survives with only a few stitches. Her four-year-old son is not so lucky. Falling into a coma, he soon succumbs to his injuries, leaving Loretta and her husband devastated.
Emma Elliot’s four-wheel drive glanced off the car she hit, and she left the scene of the accident convinced no one was hurt. She could not be late running errands for her partner—or there would be hell to pay. He had hit her before, and he would do it again.
In the months following the accident, Loretta struggles to survive her grief as her marriage crumbles. Emma gets engaged—and then pregnant. But the twists and turns life throws at the two women have a way of balancing things out, sending them straight into one another’s paths one more time.
“The novel does what fiction does best: exploring the small moments that can change lives for good.” —The Bookbag (220804)


Favorite Son and Patriots

Following NAC's representation of Steve's early best-selling political thrillers Favorite Son and Patriots being awarded to NAC deals for re-publication of the works were recently concluded, and will see both works re-published later in 2022.  Favorite Son spent many weeks on The New York Times best-seller list, was a Main Selection of The Literary Guild, and has since been published in fifteen languages. In time it became a top-rated NBC Network miniseries. Steve’s Patriots was a Times of London best-seller, and sold 160,000 copies in the UK, and many thousands elsewhere. (220610).


Should You Keep A Secret

Lisa Darcy’s  Should You Keep a Secret was published by Bloodhound Books on 1st April 2022.

Two women have learned something shocking about their friend’s husband—and revealing it could either save her or destroy her . . .

During a night out at the pub, Stella and Carly accept an invitation to a local party, but the scene they find there is not what they expected. It’s a swingers’ event—and their friend Jesse’s husband is there among the swingers.

Now the two women aren’t sure what to do. Stella, is inclined to keep quiet. Carly, on the other hand, thinks telling the truth is the right thing to do. As the two deal with their own personal lives they find themselves blurting out the shocking news. And even as dark secrets about Jesse’s situation are revealed, Stella and Carly will make some discoveries of their own.

"A tale of love, loss and friendship, Should You Keep a Secret is a very thought provoking read. I loved the plot of this book and was immediately invested in it from the opening chapter." - Marnie

"You will feel the characters despair, happiness and strength. With moments of laugh, and cry this is a book that will leave you thinking about it long after finishing the last page." - Vivian



Sarah Bourne's Exile was published by Bloodhound Books on 23rd March 2022.

On a remote Shetland island, a mother and daughter’s strained relationship is tested as dark and long-hidden secrets are revealed . . .
Kirstie exiles herself to the small Shetland island of Yell after yet another torrid affair. She knows she went too far this time—her desperate behaviour caused the breakdown of her lover’s marriage. Taking up residence in her grandparents’ croft, which has lain empty since their deaths, and wanting time to reflect on her life and disastrous relationships, Kirstie begins to write about her obsessive ways.

Some recent reviews:

"This book will stay with you long after you've finished - highly recommended" - Jenny Boss

“The novel raises the importance of community and an appreciation for the simple things in life. Definitely a good read!” - RHL


Karenlee Thompson Joins NAC 

We are delighted to welcome Karenlee Thompson to the NAC family. Karenlee is a writer of fiction and non-fiction, who is passionate about reading and writing the Australian voice. She has been published by The Weekend Australian, Antipodes, Woman’s Day, The Big Issue and Writing Queensland amongst others She was a finalist in the Tasmanian Writers’ Prize in 2015 and, again, in 2016 and shortlisted for the 2016 Hal Porter Short Story Competition. Her bushfire themed short story collection Flame Tip was published in March 2017 by Hybrid Publishers. (220210)


NAC Rights Agency 

Established initially to promote authors' backlisted works to re-publishers, NAC Rights Agency will work with publishers offshore with the twin purposes of (i) reselling previously published works, whose rights have been returned to the author, and (ii) helping publishers dispose of rights and subsidiary (or sub-lease) rights, in recently published books, offshore. (220103)


Sarah's Illustrious Company

Selected, with Liane Moriarty's Apples Never Fall for their November-December reads, our congratulations to Sarah Bourne for her thought-provoking The Train, voted the North Curl Curl Book Club Joint Book of the Year, along with Campbell Mattinson's We were not Men - the first time two books were jointly voted their 'Best book'.

The Train, widely critically well-received in Australia and the UK, joins Sarah's Ella's War and InVisible in increasingly attracting followers in the USA, Canada and elsewhere. (211220)


Santa's Suitcase: AWC Furious Fiction November 2021

For the second month in a row, NAC Author Andrea Barton was shortlisted in Australian Writers Centre's Furious Fiction. This month the story had to include someone packing a suitcase. In her entry, poor old Santa is having an existential crisis and walking off the job.

The winner and shortlisted entries, alongside the judges' feedback, can be read here. (211125)


That Moment When: AWC Furious Fiction October 2021

NAC Author Andrea Barton was shortlisted in Australian Writers Centre's Furious Fiction, Oct 2021. The first Friday of every month prompts are released at 5pm and 500-word stories are due by Sunday at midnight.  This month the story had to be set in a court.

That Moment When is a satirical experimental piece written as a social media post with comments to show how the court of public opinion delivers a verdict, often before the facts are known.

The winner and shortlisted entries, alongside the judges' feedback, can be read here. (211104)


Golden Horde: The New Hammer From the East

Michael Barnacoat’s Golden Horde  was published by i2i Publishing UK on 12th October, 2021 and could not be better-timed. 

As China flexes its political and economic might, one man at the highest levels in the Chinese government turns Mao's dictum - Power comes from the barrel of a gun - on its head. After centuries of China's humiliation, he plots world domination without firing a shot. 

Can the hordes of the new Khan be stopped before it's too late?

This is a fast-paced action-oriented, political thriller and should appeal to readers of John Le Carre, Robert Ludlum, Matthew Reilly and Morris West (211021)


The Cellist Stalker

NAC Author Andrea Barton has a story in Fenechty Publishing's Anthology of Short Stories: Autumn 2021.

The Cellist Stalker is about broken dreams and the quest for happiness. Every day, Marcy watches a man with a blue cello case walk past her window. Fascination becomes obsession. When she starts following him, what is she hoping to find?

The ebooks are free, proceeds from the hardcopy support Water Aid. Find the links here: Fenechty Anthology-of-short-stories. (211021)


Where There is a Will

Michel Vimal du Monteil’s Where There is a Will was published on 17th September 2021 by Hawkeye Publishing.

  • V gripping stuff. You feel you are out there surfing with him. Highly recommended page turner. (Goodreads)
  • I read it in one sitting - I had to know what happened next. Can't wait for his next one! (Goodreads)
  • Michel Vimal du Monteil’s debut novel, Where There Is A Will, is a definite a page turner. (Goodreads)
  • The writing is excellent and the settings real and vivid. Compelling. (Goodreads)

Available for purchase at all the usual places. (210906)


My Big Greek Holiday

Lisa Darcy’s  My Big Greek Holiday, was released in late July 2021 and has already impressed reviewers.

  • “A fun, summer, romantic read set on the beautiful island of Santorini, an ideal beach read.” (Goodreads)
  • “A fast paced, fun read, told with humor and heart. Highly recommended.” (Goodreads)
  • “Another light, easy, well-paced read from consummate storyteller, Lisa Darcy.” (Goodreads)
  • A real page turner, I read it in two days - I just couldn’t put it down. (Amazon)

Published by Bloodhound Books UK, My Big Greek Holiday is on sale in good book shops and online. Available in paperbook and ebook formats.

Here, Brightside Story Studio Principal, Andrea Barton interviews Lisa Darcy about her journey to publication. (210818)


Should You Keep a Secret?

A deal for Lisa Darcy's third book Should you Keep a Secret? is now signed by leading UK indie publisher, Bloodhound Books UK, and scheduled for April 2022 publication. Should you Keep a Secret? seems destined to continue Lisa's terrific success in the women's commercial fiction/romcom space in Australia and, now, the UK, where she enjoys a strong following. You can 'meet' Lisa, and read about her recently published My Big Greek Holiday. (210729)


Definitely NOT 'InVisible'!

NAC author Sarah Bourne's third deal with Bloodhound UK will see her East meets West novel spanning the UK & Afghanistan in the early violent years of Britain's involvement there. Tackling themes such as power, visibility, trust, belonging & politicisation, and resilience, love & betrayal InVisible challenges categorisation - women’s commercial fiction’ is far too narrow, though InVisible certainly fits that category as well. Thriller, suspense, mystery, gonzo journalism, travelogue, women’s studies, commentary - all fit. Discerning readers will love the thrilling story. (210728)


A Voice in the Night

Sarah Hawthorn’s debut psychological thriller, A Voice In The Night, hit book stores in early July 2021 and has already garnered a slew of great reviews: 

  • “A sexy, seductive slow burn of psychological suspense” (Readings Monthly) 
  • “Brilliant one-two punch at the end” (Sydney Morning Herald)
  • “Hard-hitting and thought-provoking” (Book Lover Book Reviews)
  • “Fast paced writing ... descriptively written and emotion driven” (Readplus).

Published by Transit Lounge, A Voice In The Night is on sale in good book shops and online. Available in paperbook, ebook and audiobook formats.

Here, Brightside Story Studio Principal, Andrea Barton interviews Sarah Hawthorn about her journey to publication.


Meet Susannah Hardy

Published by Pan Macmillan Australia July 1st 2021, author Susannah Hardy was recently interviewed by Brightside Story Studio Principal, Andrea Barton, in time for the planned GleeBooks launch of Loving Lizzie March. 

As it happened, the formal launch had to be postponed for a month or so due to COVID, but Andrea's interview offers a perfect snapshot of exciting debut author Susannah Hardy, and her Loving Lizzie MarchTake a look!!~ (210629)


Sarah Bourne’s Ella’s War

Following the runaway success of ‘The Train’, Sarah’s new historical novel Ella’s Warseems destined to be just as popular. Here are just some of the many great reviews.

  • “Hooked from the first page”. (Jeremy Boss – Amazon)
  • “Just finished Ella's War. Feel sad and empty that it's over . Congratulations Sarah Bourne”. (Karen – Amazon)
  • ”This ended up being a compelling novel that I couldn't put down”. (Jill Zelin – Amazon)

Published by Bloodhound Books, ‘Ella’s War’ tells the story of a young woman waking up in hospital after an accident, with no memory of her past. Haunted by nightmares, she begins to gradually piece together the story of her life during wartime; and who is the young man who haunts her dreams? (210630)


Where There Is a Will

Be among the first to receive a certified First Edition copy of 'Where There is A Will' (Genre - Fiction/Mystery).

Pre-orders for Michel Vimal du Monteil's soon to be published gripping debut can now be placed via Hawkeye Publishing's website. (210607)


Meet Lisa Darcy

'Lily's Little Flower Shop', the first of Lisa's two romantic comedies in 2021, will be followed by 'My Big Greek Holiday', both published by Bloodhound Books UK. 

To mark Lisa's successes, understand more of what drives her writing, Brightside Story Studio's (& NAC Editorial Head's) Andrea Barton recently interviewed Lisa - definitely worth a look - Lisa Darcy Interview.

A successful indie UK publisher, Bloodhound Books recently secured audio and large print rights deals for Lily's Little Flower Shop, while also doing a brilliant job promoting Sarah Bourne's runaway success, 'The Train'.  

Well done ladies! (210525)


Sarah Bourne's The Train

'The Train', Sarah's first book to be signed by Bloodhound Books UK, was published April 12 2021, and selling well both as paperback and eBook. Reviewers loved it.

  • “I can highly recommend this as a great read”. (Sam – Amazon)
  • “This was one of the best things I have read for some time. ” (Valli - Amazon)
  • “Loved the intricate weaving of stories and points of view.” (Michele Ardon – Amazon)

Following 'The Train', Bloodhound also published 'Ella's War' (June 28), and 'InVisible' will follow on September 28. Watch this space for news of Sarah's alter ego, and her murder/mystery series. (210512)


Timo Bozsolik-Torres Joins NAC  

Sydney writer, Timo Bozsolik-Torres, shortlisted in the Hawkeye Publishing Manuscript Development Prize, recently joined NAC's list. His first work Project Scaevola, a thriller set in the IT world in which Timo works when not writing, is scheduled for completion 2nd quarter 2021. Timo joins the ranks of younger writers now represented by NAC. (210325)


Publication 2021

Nine books are scheduled for publication during 2021: - 

- ASP Melbourne imprint, Arcadia, published Miles Hunt's fine debut 'The Information Editor' February 2021, your copy available ordered direct from the publisher, Amazon & Goodreads. The March 12 Gleebooks Glebe Sydney launch was fully booked, but contact 0413053083 for information on future Sydney & Melbourne 'Meet Author Miles Hunt' events. WA author Steve Rogers' popular third book, 'Death in a Matchbox', published October 2020, is available from Amazon/Kindle, Goodreads and fine bookshops.

- Others include - Sarah Bourne ('The Train' - April, 'Ella's War' - June, & 'InVisible' - November), Lisa Darcy ('Lily's Little Flower Shop' - June, & 'My Big Greek Holiday' - August), Sarah Hawthorn ('A Voice in the Night' - June) and Susannah Hardy ('Loving Lizzie March' - July), Michel Vimal du Monteil ('Where There is a Will' - t.b.a.) (210311)


Earlier News Items may be found at: - News Archive