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Meet Susannah Hardy

Published by Pan Macmillan Australia July 1st 2021, author Susannah Hardy was recently interviewed by Brightside Story Studio Principal, Andrea Barton, in time for the planned GleeBooks launch of Loving Lizzie March. 

As it happened, the formal launch had to be postponed for a month or so due to COVID, but Andrea's interview offers a perfect snapshot of exciting debut author Susannah Hardy, and her Loving Lizzie MarchTake a look!!~ (210629)


Sarah Bourne’s Ella’s War

Following the runaway success of ‘The Train’, Sarah’s new historical novel Ella’s Warseems destined to be just as popular. Published by Bloodhound Books, ‘Ella’s War’ tells the story of a young woman waking up in hospital after an accident, with no memory of her past. Haunted by nightmares, she begins to gradually piece together the story of her life during wartime; and who is the young man who haunts her dreams? (210630)


Promo Trailers

Sarah Bourne's The Train is speeding off the shelves.  For good reason. Take a look ...! It's simply stunning!!

And Sarah's second book published by Bloodhound is sure to be as popular - Ella's War.

You can follow Sarah, whose 3rd and 4th books are expected before end-2021. (210624)


Where There Is a Will

Be among the first to receive a certified First Edition copy of 'Where There is A Will' (Genre - Fiction/Mystery).

Pre-orders for Michel Vimal du Monteil's soon to be published gripping debut can now be placed via Hawkeye Publishing's website. (210607)


Meet Lisa Darcy

'Lily's Little Flower Shop', the first of Lisa's two romantic comedies in 2021, will be followed by 'My Big Greek Holiday', both published by Bloodhound Books UK. 

To mark Lisa's successes, understand more of what drives her writing, Brightside Story Studio's (& NAC Editorial Head's) Andrea Barton recently interviewed Lisa - definitely worth a look - Lisa Darcy Interview.

A successful indie UK publisher, Bloodhound Books recently secured audio and large print rights deals for Lily's Little Flower Shop, while also doing a brilliant job promoting Sarah Bourne's runaway success, 'The Train'.  

Well done ladies! (210525)


Sarah Bourne's The Train

'The Train', Sarah's first book to be signed by Bloodhound Books UK, was published April 12 2021, and selling well both as paperback and eBook, 

Following 'The Train', Bloodhound also published 'Ella's War' (June 28), and 'InVisible' will follow on September 28. Watch this space for news of Sarah's alter ego, and her murder/mystery series. (210512)


Timo Bozsolik-Torres Joins NAC  

Sydney writer, Timo Bozsolik-Torres, shortlisted in the Hawkeye Publishing Manuscript Development Prize, recently joined NAC's list. His first work Project Scaevola, a thriller set in the IT world in which Timo works when not writing, is scheduled for completion 2nd quarter 2021. Timo joins the ranks of younger writers now represented by NAC. (210325)


Publication 2021

Nine books are scheduled for publication during 2021: - 

- ASP Melbourne imprint, Arcadia, published Miles Hunt's fine debut 'The Information Editor' February 2021, your copy available ordered direct from the publisher, Amazon & Goodreads. The March 12 Gleebooks Glebe Sydney launch was fully booked, but contact 0413053083 for information on future Sydney & Melbourne 'Meet Author Miles Hunt' events. WA author Steve Rogers' popular third book, 'Death in a Matchbox', published October 2020, is available from Amazon/Kindle, Goodreads and fine bookshops.

- Others include - Sarah Bourne ('The Train' - April, 'Ella's War' - June, & 'InVisible' - November), Lisa Darcy ('Lily's Little Flower Shop' - June, & 'My Big Greek Holiday' - August), Sarah Hawthorn ('A Voice in the Night' - June) and Susannah Hardy ('Loving Lizzie March' - July), Michel Vimal du Monteil ('Where There is a Will' - t.b.a.) (210311)


Book Launch - Sydney

The NSW Launch of Miles Hunt's 'The Information Editor' will be March 12 at 6:00 p.m. courtesy of one of Sydney truly innovative bookstores, Gleebooks Sydney, 49 Glebe Point Road, Glebe, NSW, 2037, Phone  +61-2-9660 2333. Place numbers are limited, already >80% booked, so best rush your application for this 'NSW Book Launch event of the month'. 

For more news about NAC's exciting up and coming authors take a look at Miles' author page, and NAC News. (210219)


Hawkeye Publishing Long List

Congratulations to Andrea Barton, as her 'Lost in Lagos' makes the long list in the Hawkeye Publishing Manuscript Development Prize 2021 competition. Currently under consideration by publishers in Australia, the UK and the USA, one reader suggests the manuscript is -  “Very creative, exotic. It took me to a country with a completely different culture, but the universal theme of family and fear of loss also made it familiar.” Watch this space for more news. (210215)


Recent Deals

A busy start to 2021, with Lisa Darcy's new, multi-book deal signed with Bloodhound Books UK, and debut author Michel Vimal du Monteil's deal with Hawkeye Publishing now in place as well. Michel's book is scheduled for publication late 2021, and the first book under Lisa's new contract is scheduled for publication early 2022. These are worthy successes reflecting the enormous hard work of both, and a further indication of NAC Editorial's support to all our authors. Well done team! (210209)


Miles Hunt's 'The Information Editor'

Nick Walker, MD of ASP's Arcadia fiction imprint, confirms the February 25th 2021 publication of Miles Hunt's impressive debut, 'The Information Editor'.

Perhaps bringing to mind such fine comparison authors such as George Orwell (1984), Aldous Huxley (Brave New World), Margaret Attwood (The Handmaid’s Tale & now The Testaments), Miles Hunt's 'The Information Editor' really hits the zeitgeist of the changing world we currently live in, particularly appealing to younger readers for its relevance to their futures.

As Miles suggests,  ‘…. a dystopian future, but one where you can really tell (much of the story) is happening now. That’s why it’s so different from other comparable works. It’s real…..’ 

Our congratulations to Miles for holding fast to his vision for his thought-provoking work, intended to be book-ended by 'The Story Teller', scheduled for late 2021, a companion work - a Utopian alternative to the grim dystopian world projected in 'The Information Editor'.

ISBN for the book is 978-1-922454-44-7 (210211)


Shadley Fataar Joins NAC

We welcome North Coast NSW writer (& part time radiologist) Shadley Fataar to our list. Growing up in appartheid-era South Africa Shadley saw the country's march to eventual freedom, with Nelson Mandela as President. His experience as a young man, then as a medico, greatly informs his ‘In the Shadow of Table Mountain, Cape Town’ trilogy, the first part of which will go to publishers early 2021. (201215)


Cindy Wallace Joins NAC

US writer, Cindy Wallace, today joins NAC's international authors list, a list now populated by American, Australian, English, French, Irish & Scottish writers.

With more than fifty articles published while staff writer and freelance journalist, her prose won 1st and 2nd place awards in Touchstones literary magazine, and also appeared in the Southern Quill literary magazine. Holding a bachelor’s degree in English with a creative writing emphasis from Utah Valley University, and a master’s degree in social work from the University of Utah, Cindy doubles as mental health therapist, while working on her writing - a self-help book, as well as women’s fiction. (201202)


Rob Benjamin’s ‘DEFIANCE’

After a prominent career in Western Australian legal circles, Rob Benjamin recently self-published his ‘DEFIANCE - Survival Against All Odds’. An ambitious project, this impressive, scholarly work will appeal to all interested in modern history. ‘Defiance’ is one man’s extraordinary story of the Jewish peoples’ struggle for survival in a seemingly impossibly hostile world. Offering a unique, thoroughly readable and accessible blend of historical detail and truly remarkable personal stories of people and events in a world in constant turmoil, ‘Defiance - Survival Against All Odds’ explores topics such as historical anti-Semitism, World War II, Arab/Israel/Lebanon wars, global civilian uprisings, the US-led ‘Global War on Terror’, global terrorism, political deceit, the propaganda war and many other topics of interest in a coherent, logical way. Order your copy now from [email protected] - AUD39 delivered Express Mail Australia-wide, contact NAC for more information about the book.


So, You want to be an Author?!

Writing a book is an adventure. To begin with it is a toy, then an amusement. Then it becomes a mistress, and then it becomes a master, and then it becomes a tyrant and, in the last stage, just as you are about to be reconciled to your servitude, you kill the monster and fling him to the public.”  Winston Churchill  (201119) 

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