Representing authors at varying stages of their careers, we help authors prepare their manuscripts with a view to submission to publishers in several jurisdictions.

Essentially we operate as a collective enterprise, a characteristic embracing much of what we do for authors, what authors will do for each other.

Our staff are all committed to authors’ well-being and to taking authors’ works to the highest possible standard.

Three Brands, Four Divisions

Spreading word of NAC’s support for authors engendered established author interest in joining NAC’s List, prompting launch of 'NAC Literary Agency' whose aim is to focus on the differing needs of some on our eclectic list of authors. Authors with backlists also encouraged NAC to seek republishing deals, so 'NAC Rights Agency' came into being, with the twin purpose of also supporting publishers and authors alike, by inviting offshore publishers' interest in foreign and subsidiary rights of our newly published works.

Manuscripts are managed in two categories: -

-          Adult fiction

-          Adult nonfiction

To Date, the Future

Underpinned by the selfless contribution of our 450+/- wonderful volunteers, whether as New Authors Collective or NAC Literary Agency, NAC’s vision for its role of literary agent, our commitment to authors and publishers, our unique review process, all set us apart from others.

Since August 2015 registration >50% of manuscripts fully completing our process have received one or more publishing offers. As at December 2021, more than 40 having joined the journey, 20 authors had received offers, and deals were done covering publication of 36 books. The future seems bright...