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Miles Hunt The Information Editor   Arcadia Fiction Imprint 'The Information Editor' is the first in a duology consisting of two contrasting visions of the future. This dystopian novel, set in a world of information control, rampant surveillance and unregulated capitalism will be followed shortly by a utopian vision called 'The Story Teller'.
Steve Rogers Death in a Matchbox Kindle Amazon Australia When fire devastates the Cleary's Creek gold mine in outback Western Australia, the operation is abandoned, along with a hidden stash of gold illegally collected over the years by the mechanic Tom Bosich. Gold prices were low and the economics of keeping the mine running made no sense. Tom planned to collect the gold later anyway, but life moved on.
Jim Weiland Octet, Michael's Story in Eight Voices Kindle

Amazon Australia

Arcadia Fiction Imprint

One of the most beautiful books I have read’. Jim joined the ranks of Australia's best authors of modern fiction, when published by Australian Scholarly Publishing on 1 July 2018 
Steve Rogers An Artifact of Interest Kindle Angus & Robertson An engaging, fast paced and compelling Australian outback mystery.

Anthony Carilla

Convergence, Towards Immortality


Amazon Australia

Move over Dan Brown, this is a story-teller.

Steve Rogers Truck That Kindle Amazon Australia An Australian murder mystery set in the remote outback. "A Ripping yarn', according to one 'test' reader. 'Hilarious look at the characters of the outback', said another.

Bill East

The Arbutus


Angus & Robertson

NAC's first twice-published author, this book is the first in the ‘Maddie Series’ of edgy psychological thrillers.

Steve Rogers

(writing as Uncle Rotten)

Don't Pick Your Nose Leo   Contact NAC A light-hearted rhyme to discourage under eight-year-olds from picking their nose. Irreverently Illustrated to highlight the message. Written by childrens' author Steve Rogers under the nom-de-plume Uncle Rotten. 'Don't Pick Your Nose Leo' is available for $16.50 including postage. 

Bill East

Maddie Trinco


Angus & Robertson

This, the second of the ‘Maddie Series’ of edgy psychological thrillers, will be followed by the third, to be published first quarter 2019. 

Sebastian Handley Brexit - How the Nobodies beat the Somebodies   Angus & Robertson Such a book for these challenging political times in the UK.
Bill East Maddie and the King of Paradise Kindle Angus & Robertson Maddie and the King of Paradise’ is the sequel to ‘Maddie Trinco’ and is the final book in the trilogy which began with ‘The Arbutus’.

Rosemary King

Rosemary's People


Angus & Robertson

The perfect gift for older people, and an excellent coffee table book.

Rhona Dunwoodie It's All About Melinda Kindle Amazon Australia 'It's All About Melinda' was published on 29th November 2018.
Sarah East Because You're You   Contact NAC Sometimes we all need a little reminder of just how special we really are! 'Because You’re You' encourages young readers to look beneath the surface to appreciate all the wonderful things that make each of us unique and precious individuals. 'Because You're You' is available for $16.50 including postage.