Becoming a NAC Author


'NAC is dedicated to enhancing the quality of the submitted work of each author and committed to open and regular communication on progress'.


Informed Decisions

NAC welcomes approaches by authors with manuscripts ‘finished’ to the best of their ability.

Works identified as potentially suitable for our list will be run through a rigorous Review Process taking several months, invariably involving significant additional work for most authors.

A look at will suggest how valuable the process can be.

Please read the whole of this page before contacting New Authors Collective (NAC) about your work.

Guidelines for authors submitting to NAC: -

  • State clearly in your first communication if any aspect of ownership of the work’s IP is shared with another party, including corporate ownership.
  • Confirm the work is your own original material.
  • Give details if your work has been self-published, and/or has been sent to publishers.
  • Before contacting NAC your work should have been professionally proof-read/edited.
  • NAC's objective is to present high-quality manuscripts to selected English language publishers, for the genre of the work, in Australia, UK and the US, and possibly selected quality publishers in other countries, Europe in particular.
  • Submitted manuscripts must be 'finished', the final version (viz. the work you would be prepared to stand or fall by if they were then submitted directly to publishers).
  • After an initial 50 page read (shorter for children’s works), NAC Editorial considers whether the work is in shape to go forward to our Review Panel, or needs further work; discusses our opinion with the author; if of a certain minimum standard, we convene a panel; if not we point the author to what needs to be focused on, and invite them to complete that work before going further.
  • NAC does not offer a proof-reading service nor an editing service, though we may be able to point authors to others providing such services.
  • So, before contacting NAC, at the very least, your work(s) should have been professionally proof-read, preferably a second level 'edit'.
  • Submissions should include the genre and word count of the manuscript, plus your 60-70 word Bio and a 100-150 word synopsis of your work, as attachments.
  • We only work with soft copy in Word format. Do not send printed hard copy documents.
  • Always save electronic versions of your work, as NAC is not responsible for lost work.
  • All submissions complying with guidelines are acknowledged; please resubmit if you have not heard from us in 7 days.
  • Personal visits are not accepted other than by invitation.
  • Contact Us at [email protected]. Include your address, phone and Skype’ address (if any), and whether you use Facetime or WhatsApp.
  • The ‘Subject Line’ of the email should name the Author and work we are to focus on first (viz. if you have more than one, name the work you propose should go to the publishers first).

Please note: -

  • Consideration of submissions may take 6-8 weeks.
  • Progress reports are not provided.
  • Reasons are not discussed.
  • From the date we accept an author's work into NAC's system the likely minimum time, before we will be in a position to discuss the Panel's findings, is 3-4 months.
  • Fifty per cent +/- of authors approaching NAC proceed no further.
  • We are able to add to our list no more than 1-2 'new' authors monthly.
  • New Authors Collective only represents authors **all of whose future work will be included in our remit.
  • Please select FAQs for further useful information.

NAC commits to steadily improving quality: -

  • In considering whether to represent an author, our primary obligations are to (i) authors already on our journey, and (ii) our Review Panel (all are volunteers). Manuscript standard is paramount if NAC authors are to achieve publishing success, if publishers are to accept manuscripts from New Authors Collective. Therefore, NAC Executive is committed to the principle of steadily improving manuscript quality going forward.

Joining NAC's list: -

NAC can only assess quality 'finished' manuscripts, so: -

- First consideration is given to writers highly commended by authors already represented by NAC, or by members of NAC's Review Panel; then, if the writer’s work is spoken for by two members in good standing of their association or society of Editors, confirming they edited and/or carefully assessed the work as 'finished to a high standard'.

We are unlikely to consider applications outside these parameters.