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‘So many organisations target English-speaking audiences, invest heavily in website, social media, marketing and promotions, their business strategy – but overlook the key step of engaging English-speaking professionals to polish communications into fluent, idiomatic business English’.  


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Business ‘English’ Review Service – for organisations with ESL

Has your website an option for English-speakers?

Any organisation whose primary language is not English cannot be certain their website, documents, instructions manuals, press releases are framed in fluent, idiomatic and colloquial English as attractive to English-speakers as would be the same information seen by readers in their own country.

A recent example - MPOW Technology China’s otherwise excellent ‘Car Mount E-Clip’ packaging offered these ‘Installation Instructions’ for their great hands-free smart phone dashboard holder, a wording virtually incomprehensible to English-speaking people: -

-          “Take your device to hold an end of the arm, outwards push the device into E-clip or directly pull the arm and load the device. The adjustable arm can be outwards pulled to an appropriate length according to the width of a mobile phone.

-          The holder can be rotated in 360° so that you can get the appropriate angle and position.

-          When you remove your device, you can directly push the arm and upwards lift to remove or upwards / downwards pull.

-          When you remove the product, you can hold it to upwards pull.” (200118))

But it’s not just Asian organisations with such language issues.

We see numerous similarly curious language examples in communications from nations that widely speak ‘English’ - even France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, all European nations you would expect greater English fluency.

NAC Literary Agency offers an expanded ESL-checking service to support businesses whose first language is not English, polishing communications such as –

-          Websites

-          Marketing, technical & other information

-          Retail and industrial product instructions, hand books, instructions & operating manuals of all kinds

-          Advertising copy

-          Text on packaging

-          Press releases.

If your organisation hopes to build such connections, grow business with English language-speakers worldwide, contact NAC, paste the code ‘ESL Service’ in the Subject line, and discover how easy it is to ensure your communications appeal to English-speakers.